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new goon in the neighborhood


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hey everybody.  just picked up my new wagon yesterday.  she's a beaut'.  puttered out just as i pulled into the driveway yesterday.  had to push her into the garage.  pretty solid car.  runs good(when it's running :D ), interior is in good shape and she jams down the freeway at a very good pace.20130803_174348_zps9cd659d4.jpg



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This car was local to me a while back. Was/is a good lookin start :)

the guy i bought it from said he was moving back to portland.  that's why he was selling it.


i wasnt expecting the interior to look that good, nice find, the whole car looks good



If you ever decide to switch seats let me know!! and i love the cream color!! :thumbup:

i'll keep you in mind, but don't hold your breath :D

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Nice.wagon. Welcome to the wagon train....


thank you

dont put that hood ornament on



clean wagon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! get soem TR# polich and gojo hand cleaner and that engine bay will clean up good!!!!!!!!!

thanks but, why no ornament?   plus it's too late,  it's already done.  besides it's only sheet metal.

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Nice no playing around! :ninja:

no sir.



UPDATE TIME and pics


got the head on. 



new timing chain, gaskets, you know.  the good stuff.



painted the block



painted the crank pulley. buffed out the valve cover, not real shiny just cleaned up nice.  i'll be running dual weber 45 dcoe





pulled a bunch of stuff off the motor and jacked it up.  now i just have to roll my happy ass under there and disconnect everything.


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