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  1. Driving without headlights in a heavy downpour (rain/snow).
  2. Morons passing me to get to a red light. What's your hurry?
  3. They're everywhere. Name one thing (I'm sure there are many you can name, but let's keep it to one so everyone can participate) that drives you crazy about the way people drive. Mine is people merging into the freeway doing 40 mph. It's a fucking freeway, get your car up to speed. I live in SoCal and the freeway is moving 65+. So fucking dangerous.
  4. Martial law? This was predicted months ago. It could happen.
  5. Awesome find. Love the rims too.
  6. Either smog due or possibly insurance info needs to be updated. I've never had an issue with ca DMV website. Like Matt said, check your paper mailer.
  7. As others have said before me, make it stop, make it go, make it look good in that order. Looks like a solid candidate. Congrats.
  8. Wish I would have read this BEFORE I went there this morning. The good news is I attended last Saturday and there was a huge turn out. There were a lot of people there today being turned away. Seemed like the whole Irvine PD was there too. Oh well. Hope they find a new location.
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