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LaPine show and shine

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little late but these are the pics from the car show i had the datsun in on the 29th my dad came out and saw my car in the show it was literally the last thing he did before he went home and dropped i left the show when i got the cal that he was going to the hospital.....hope you guys like it like he did 






dad and i talked about this one for a while we had one that my mom drove daily when i was about 5 same color and everything





















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You know what grinds my gears? How many cars are for sale at American Muscle shows. Its like no one ever loves their cars :(



cars come cars go



Car shows are a real good place to sell just finished car,,, autos are a commodity not a keepsake.

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Those are some fine cars, I remember my brothers 62 Chevy Impala gold with a white top and white interior,327,3 on the tree , it only had a few thousand miles on it. Got from an old man for $300 back in 1972. The guy had to move out of the country and had to sell it. I was only 14 just got my learners permit. That was one fine car till my brother went out racing someone in the rain on acid. Well he was OK but the car was destroyed. Anyway those are some very fine rides.



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would like to do this with my chevy hot rod the original 235















































Makes me want to work on my '56 wagon... I been think maybe some side drafts though :D

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