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Twisted Images Bagged, Body Dropped, & Rotary Powered 510

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I found some nickel plated plugs to fill the license light holes- I'll just throw some button head bolts in the bolt holes to finish it off.  Then I'll just have to come up with some sort of license light...


the Harley licence plate led light bolts work good for this 

there might be other brands too 

they are bolts with led light inside 

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Alright- been a while since I updated.  There hasn't been a lot of progress on the car itself- I'm still waiting to get the header and exhaust done, at which point I can get the firewall and floor built.  I've started putting some wiring together; the tail lights are pretty much wired up for sequential turn signals, and the engine should be ready to fire up when the exhaust is built.


But the real update today is for my wheels.  After a couple months of scraping together loose change, I was finally able to send the wheel parts out to various shops for refinishing!


The lips and center caps were stripped and fully polished, and I found a new set of BBS logo caps.  The barrels (back side of the wheel) were stripped and powdercoated bright silver- I got new barrels for the rear wheels, so I'll be running 15x8 rear and 15x7 front.  And finally, I had the wheel centers copper plated!

Here's a pic of the centers after plating:




I had them done by a company called WheelFlip - they took a little longer than originally quoted, but the quality is better than I had even hoped for!  They stayed in constant contact with me through the process, too- always a plus when timelines get extended.

Anyway, this weekend I finally had all of the parts in hand, and started reassembling everything- here's one of the rear wheels assembled, before sealing them up:




After letting the sealant cure for a day, I took the rear wheels and tires over to my tire guys to get them mounted.  If you're in the Sacramento area, I highly recommend Greenback Tire & Wheel.  They wrapped rags over all of the tire machine's jaws to protect my wheels, and were very careful with them all around.


So, with a pair of wheels mounted up, I threw them on one side of the car to see how it looks!










If everything goes well, this week I should be taking the car in for exhaust; if that happens I'll be sure to update!

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That may be a running ratsun theme. :lol: 



So glad I moved to where my neighbors ask me to help with projects instead of calling code enforcement... :rofl: 

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Please don't. Everyone needs this type of suspense moderately.

Hopefully I won't be keeping you all in suspense much longer- got a big list of things happening soon!

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