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  1. wow I really was not expecting to see the cast alloy welding on that gearbox housing to turn out.
  2. finney

    70 521 "lina bear"

    Maybe look at the very top post that is pinned full time
  3. I did not plan posting a picture of the carbs by themselves, I was messing around with the iPhone photo bucket app and the forum, once posted I could not figure out a way edit and post text, so I gave up. I have linked off of Facebook in the past. I will re load the photos once I have photo bucket up to date and I have an pair hour. The photo is of some MG SU carbs that I picked up yesterday. I am looking forward to bolting them up and getting the J13 back in the engine bay. The engine should fit under the bonnet now without modification. A BIG WIN. Regular build updates are on Instagr
  4. Had you tinted your windscreen? any idea what they used to paint the black strip around it? Looking good and well done.
  5. looks really good. I am hoping to do a similar park brake on the standard 520 driveline.
  6. looks really good, I have the same planned for my front bar. flush glass and the tucked bumpers will be a nice tough together.
  7. Thanks. There was absolutely no way of getting the window frames out without totally destroying the rubber. The rubber was the most complex piece of holding I have ever seen. There is a pinch weld that runs around the opening with the frames removed, I am planning on running a single window glued in.
  8. Thanks Charlie, Only raising the front, allows me to set the ride hight 50mm lower and still turn.
  9. Following on instagram @datsun_v520 you may have already seen these Decided to start lifting the wheel arches 50mm, will allow me to drive 50 mm lower on my 19s. Win Win Marking out the first cuts Decided masking tape gave me clean lines mock up Bought a new 9'6' that will look bad ass on the roof once this is one day finished Started tacking this arvo in a spare hour, then got stuck into my 7.5% West Coast US IPA, that I have also been working on for a fair while... The day job.... Time to burn the rest in... Ride hight on 19s
  10. Stock steering shortened approx 3", seat moved back 4", seat lowered 3" and a little trimming to the brake/clutch/steering mount. Looks like my lanky 6'5 ass might actually fit back in this little Datto Bonus points for the badass stock steering wheel still fitting
  11. Well it looks like all the links off Facebook have changed again. If you would like to see any of the older posts check out my Instagram Datsun_V520 A few updates, The rear upper tailgate was totally fucked, rusted almost beyond repair. I had to pass it onto a hot rodding mate to help fabricated the lower sections, due to the complex curves, I did not get any before shots, but trust me the bare steel section is completely new. I got it back and replaced the lower corners. Started to bolt the doors and the guards back on for the first time since I cut the floor out for the body d
  12. Are you going to fish plate that? It would be recommended
  13. Its really coming together now. Looks really good
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