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Twisted Images Bagged, Body Dropped, & Rotary Powered 510

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Bob up at Grant Kustoms started sending me pictures last week!




Sweet!  The car is out of his field and ready for some metal work!


Then, he sends me this:



NOOOO!!!  Don't you DARE fix my rust!!  Fortunately he was just teasing:



So my rust is safe for now- although I promised to take it up to him when I'm ready to make the outside pretty- maybe in a few years...


Here's the REAL progress so far:


Inner panels, in front of the rear wheels:





Cutting back the original firewall, front wheel wells, etc.







Wheel wells coming along!  I'll post more as he sends progress pics.  I'm stoked so far!

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You can't fix the rust! Not ever! This car wouldn't be the car if it was shiny!


I think I'd like to restore the exterior someday... after I've had my fun with it as it looks now.  But at this point I can't even fathom how much it would cost to fix the body, restore all of the trim, new rubber... 


Nah, it won't happen anytime soon!

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More progress!


He started building with cardboard, but I was concerned about long-term durability...







So, using the original cardboard parts as a template, he made them out of steel instead.  I think it was a good move.





Still leaves plenty of steering angle, even fully dropped.  I think my fenders will be the limiting factor unless I'm aired up.










It looks like there will be a hump in the floor to clear my starter, so I'll have to play around with my seating position to see how I'll work around that.  I don't think it'll require a hand throttle or anything, but we'll see!

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looking SO GOOD.


Bob makes it look so easy with his cardboard templates & all.  



Bob is unbelievable.  I was up there chatting with him a few months ago, and he was just holding a casual conversation with me while he was shearing and forming a metal side-skirt... like his muscle memory is to the point where he can just let his hands do their thing.  Truly an artist.

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Looks like you will have it back soon!


Man, I hope so!  He told me that he was shooting for the end of the month, since I have a show I'd like to bring it to.  But I certainly won't rush him!

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Sexy metal work. I'd love to play around in his shop for a while.


If you ever end up in Oroville, TURN AROUND!!  But first, you should totally visit his shop. He's such a chill guy, and his shop is inspiring.  Lots of great old metalworking equipment, a good assortment of projects in various states of completion, and a field full of cars just waiting their turn.

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Great looking interior sheet metal work.


A word of caution about the heat generated by rotor motor exhaust systems. They get incredibly hot and you will need a decent air gap and/or some serious heat sheilding.


I've seen gear lube boil on the passenger floor of an RX7 racecar.

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