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  1. Going hood-less, gotta show off that Datsun engine and really piss off the purists. 🤣🤣🤣
  2. Body is channeled 3 inches over the frame, so the engine sits higher than normal against the firewall.
  3. Made a little more progress last night, flipped the firewall and got the necessary engine clearance for any 4 cylinder L series engine. I still gotta cut out the trans tunnel for my 4 spd.
  4. For those that are wondering, that tank on the back is a WWII, B-17 bomber oxygen tank, that was used by a soldier in the turret section of the plane. I think it's going to make a really cool 😎 fuel tank.
  5. Yes... I'm only going to run one shock on each side, the cars way to light to run both. We spent a ton of time eliminating the cage and re-designing the mounting set up. It looks simple, but it definitely was not.
  6. We got a lot of work done on it yesterday and we're hitting it hard again today...
  7. So now my front suspension, shock mounts, steering box, and motor mount / cross member, radiator crossmember are all welded in.
  8. Well, it's it's been a long hot day (98 degrees with high humidity), but the front of the frame is built and I'm getting started on test fitting the body.
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