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  1. Yeah, I realize that Wayno. The entire firewall wasn't wood though, plus the cars weren't cruising down the road at 70mph with the guy going the other direction texting and driving. I actually have owned several 1920's Model T's and 28-31 Model A's, but most people do away with the wood and replace it with steel now, because it's stronger and safer, plus you can't weld wood 🙂.
  2. That's down right scary. That barely counts as a barrier between you and the engine compartment.
  3. Wayno, very cool. That one is more of a rat rod, but neat none the less. Mine is going to be a full finished, nice paint job traditional style hot rod, but Datto powered.
  4. I dropped off all the body parts for media blasting and just got them back. Everything turned out really nice, time to body work the panels, get them welded together and primer everything, before flash rust sets in. I'm pretty sure this car is going to tick off a lot of traditional hot rod guys. 😂
  5. it's being reincarnated as a old school hot rod roadster. Using the first race engine, transmission, engine cradle, trans crossmember and some of the saved body panels. I think it's gonna be cool when it's done and painted.
  6. And happy 510 day to you too...
  7. So, I was sorting through some of my Datto stash and came across a vintage Erson Datsun performance camshaft. I had actually forgotten I had it. It is stamped with some vague information on the end, but I don't know what the numbers mean. I was hoping someone might be able to shed a little light on this, so I have some information for it. I'm considering installing it in a new project I have in the works. Below is what is stamped in the end of the camshaft... Erson 288 A S B99 110 182 R My guess is the 288 is the duration, but the rest is a mystery. If anyone has a data sheet for this or any information, I would greatly appreciate the help. Thanks
  8. In case anyone is interested, this car is currently for sale on Ebay. 1971 Datsun 510 Sedan, will pull it right up. The auction ends on Sunday April 22nd, 2018
  9. will do, when I get a chance, but it looks the same as always, only the fenders are sitting in place, as you can see on the previous page the quarters have been welded up, and the windshield needs to be reinstalled. I have a new windshield and seal for it though. Thanks
  10. Not really an update, but i'm considering selling this car. It still runs great and is very reliable, although I haven't driven it anywhere in over a year. I do still start it and drive it around the neighborhood though. I just drove it last week. I came across a dream car of mine (1957 Chevy Belair) and I need funds for the purchase. I'm looking to get about $5000 for this car, considering the engine has been gone through, the trans is rebuilt and works perfectly, it has dual SU carbs installed on it, all the U-Joints have been replaced, and now pretty much all the rust repair has been done. The car really just needs final body work and paint to be really nice. Normally I wouldn't even consider selling this car, but I do still have a couple two doors that need restored, so this isn't like it's my only 510, it's just the only one that I feel is worth much cash. I know this should probably be in the for sale section, but I figured I'd toss it here, since it is my page. Sorry if I upset the mods...
  11. Just bought these to use for my cab mounts... https://m.summitracing.com/parts/ptp-1-101-bl
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