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78 620 KC DD


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my brother has been rocking a 720 4x4 as his DD for the last year or so, but he got a new job that tripples his commute easily but the $ is worth it so i went on the hunt for a CHEAP DD for him.......





this is what i ended up with:


1978 620 King Cab!!





the ad popped up on CL and i was there 45 min later, no pics in the ad but it had all the right tell tell signs 


The truck is a good 10ft truck!

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ad said it was a runner, but when i got there is wasnt even close. Battery was dead, gas tank was empty, keys were MIA, and it had 2 flat tires......


Not a good start -.-










Soooo..... Off i went to tinker town!






Truck came with an interesting bench seat



Interior is a 7/10




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but after tossing on a spare tie, putting gas in the tank and in the carb, chased down a few electrical gremlins, putting my optima yellow top in, and changed out a few fuses.....








i had a running 620

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so now i need to do a once over and make a list of fixes that are needed before i can hand it off to my brother 



So far i need to:

replace the temp sender, the PO tried to put in an aftermarket gauge setup and never finished

replace the oil pressure sending unit - same sead the PO put in an aftermarket gauge but i dont like the idea of an oil line going into the cab

new battery

new rims and tires 

check the breaks

check all fluids 

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Excellent score, looks pretty straight and all stock. :D


thanx man! i thought it was well worth what i ended up paying(or not paying :P ) 


other than the seat, radio, a few gauges, the tach, the carb, and the header it looks to be stock 

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Got 4 usable tires on, and made it to a gas station for air, a clean windshield, and it's first tank of gas!




Then got her home and started a once over and tune up.



Finished around midnight but got a lot done



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What was the last month or year used on the tag? Can't have been sitting too long. I have a '78 FSM if you need info.

Mike, last good tags on it are from a yr ago. The PO had said other than moving it from one apt to another when they moved it hadn't run in 2 years. So no insurance for one year, and bad tags for the second.


In reality tho, this was a steal! Great truck for what I paid, in the end I'm gunna guess ill be into it less than a grand and end up with a solid DD

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Few more pic's from last night


Sliding rear window



Dash is meh, glove box door hinge is toast and the glove box lining is destroyed



There is even carpet! Dirty but there



Headliner looks better in this one than the last coupla trucks I've picked up



One of the PO's did this..........



First time I've had one of these, dunno if I like it or not



Roof is pretty strait to



Ass end looks good except that the rear bumper is off center.. By inches, not just a little bit -.-


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For the fuel filter and line replaced last night, and then set in to do the timing.....


But the adjustment screw sheered off




So I busted out the infamous easy out kit and finished the timing around 12:30


But we also managed to get a center console installed



It's coming together nicely

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Current Stable:

2 - 78 KC's

75 620

67 SSS RL411 

76 610 coupe

86 4x4 720

74 B210 coupe

77 710 goon


Sold off:

74 620 - 1st truck - wrecked by a hondurp

79 620 KC -  rusty black POS

78 620 LB - wrecked by a hondurp

77 620 - parts truck 

72 510 

77 710 wagon - white goon

79 620 KC - chicken foot truck - wrecked by me 




i think thats it.... 

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