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  1. Thanks everybody! Couldn't have done it without Jacobs (Laecaon) help!!!
  2. There is a locating stud on each B pillar, and each C pillar will get some sort of J hook latch. We haven't got to that yet, couple other car projects going on!Going to get back to it soon! Wer'e thinking about reverse mounting the trunk so it opens backwards for easier install of the hardtop. I got some of the trim pieces and window seal cut and fit up the other day, door Windows seal great!
  3. I have always wanted a s13 vert with a hardtop. I picked up my first vert last year but ended up selling the shell because I pulled the sr20det for my 510. So with that vert gone, I didn't get to do the project. Fast forward to August 2015... Picked up A 93 240sx convertible with a broken soft top frame from a customer at my buddy's shop, drove it home for $850! Laecaon is lending a hand with this project since it is so awkward to move around by yourself. We have about 40 hours into it so far. The soft top frame snapped on PO, due to flying open while driving. and so it begins... Broken top, time to go! Picked up a S13 coupe roof from a buddy for $50! First mock up. Retained the factory soft top sealing plate and latches for the front! Took off the factory convertible quarter panel trim and cut the lip of the QP down a 1/4", starting to fit better! These next pics are from 10/23/15. Ready for a rear window! http://i1101.photobucket.com/albums/g430/draynor1995/S13%20Vert/CE48DBD3-44AB-48CD-BE07-1917B58B9C85_zpsosn2ctyr.jpg Last night I picked up the last few pieces I need to finish this up. Got a coupe rear window and all the trim pieces for the roof for $80! It was unbelievably hard to find a used rear coupe window!!! The window is just sitting there, but fits great! The door Windows line up perfect, just need to get the window trim and seals cut to length and fit up. http://i1101.photobucket.com/albums/g430/draynor1995/S13%20Vert/4D210CAE-ABA0-41EC-8A30-7E8A2CFDAB25_zpsh8xlkkan.jpg http://i1101.photobucket.com/albums/g430/draynor1995/S13%20Vert/397E3428-F041-48F2-8EF5-1061F3D992FB_zpsazdtyrsq.jpg That's all I have for now, I'm getting excited, close to time for the road! I need to work on some latches for the C pillars and a seal. There will be locating studs on the B pillars. Also a lot of people have been asking about this. The top so far with all the factory coupe glass, weighs under 100lbs!
  4. Draynor

    The Blue gO_On build?

    I'm starting tomorow night! Have a buyer for the convertible too!
  5. Draynor

    The Blue gO_On build?

    Thanks man! I'm getting there! Got to do a floor pan job on a Z first!
  6. Draynor

    The Blue gO_On build?

    I've been slacking on the wagon, been busy with school and work! Anyway I'm getting back to it here soon. As some of you know I picked up a Toyota starlet for $300 a little while back. Did some trading since then. Traded the starlet for a slammed 84 supra, then traded that for a S13 coupe, then a couple weeks ago traded that for a S13 convertible with a forged SR20det! After selling the pop up front end off the vert, I now have $0 into the car. Can you say free SR!!! Never really wanted a SR before, but after driving it I want one in the wagon, plus it was uber cheap haha. It has CP Pistons and Eagle rods!
  7. Draynor

    The Blue gO_On build?

    Yup, finally gonna start on it again...
  8. Draynor

    The Blue gO_On build?

    I was told the wastegate was on the end of that intake piping. Is that not it Mikey?
  9. Draynor

    The Blue gO_On build?

    Gonna probably run R1 carbs, and just make a plenum box for them.
  10. Draynor

    The Blue gO_On build?

    Back from the dead! Sometimes I just have good timing... Was litterally about to take some stuff into the machine shop in a week or two for the engine build, but something I couldnt pass up was posted on craigslist. A L series Rajay turbo setup! Its going on the wagon! :D
  11. Draynor

    POST Craigslist eBay ads here...

    Idk who posted it yet, but I had people flagging it for me. Somebody was trying to fuck with me lol. Would never sell the wagon!
  12. So...A buddy of mine mentioned that he saw what looks like a starlet in someones driveway 15 miles from my place, I didnt think much of it, thought it was probably just a dodge champ or an omni lol (Happened to me before). But a couple weeks ago I asked him to send me the address to that house, looked it up on google and what do you know, there is a starlet there!!! So that Saturday a buddy of mine drove me to the house. Get there and asked the guy if he would sell it, long story short he said yes, $300!!!!!!! After paying the man and calling a tow truck, I am now a proud owner of a 82 Starlet!!! I also scored a TE72 2 door corolla from a neihbor for $250! But that was sold shortly after the Starlet came home... The PO said it had carb problems and he has a rebuilt carb for it. He never found it so I decided to try and make it run. Put gas in, tried to start it, would idle for only 5 seconds. So cleaned the tank out, cleaned the lines out, new fuel filter, and some fresh gas and she fired right up and idled fine. Also everything worked right off the bat besides the heater lol. It is now my daily while I do work to the 510. Not sure how im gonna go with this build yet, but I have some ideas...
  13. Draynor

    KA24DE head on L20B timing chain info

    Its been done. But the cost is not worth it. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=LLOEO3xkN4c
  14. Draynor

    The Blue gO_On build?

    Its getting there. Hope to be in the machine shop within the next couple weeks. Not really setting a timeline though just get a little bit done at a time...
  15. Draynor

    The Blue gO_On build?

    So the plan is to build another long rod, but a little differently this time :D. I loved my last one, so why not build it bigger and better!!! I have a couple thinhs to finish up on my other cars then its back to the wagon!!!

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