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Gas Out 5-15-07

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I just received an e-mail today stating on May 15, 2007 there will be a nationwide protest regarding the high price of gas. Please do not pump gas on Tuesday 5/15/07. And urges you to forward the e-mail on to all on your contact list.


It states, the last time this protest was done in April 1997, gas prices went down 30 cents overnight (however, I don't remember this myself.)


The e-mail goes on to say that there are over 73,000,000 American members on the internet & the average car takes about $30-$50 dollars to fill up. If all the users did not go to the pump on the 15th, it would take $2,292,000,000 (almost 3 Billion) out of the oil companys pockets for just one day.



And if you guys listen to 94.7 on the radio listen for my name. This why I'm MAD!

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these things don't work. you skip getting gas that day, you get it the next day, like everyone else. so there gas sales double the next day, in a since, negating the previous no buy day.


only way anything like would work would be to do a carpool day, that way there is some actual gas being saved, and just not higher sales the next day:D

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Honestly, gas isn't that expensive...you should look at Europe, all the countries there pay around double what we pay. Its still rediculous how much oil companies make. Maybe the protest should be for a whole week, have everybody in the country ride bikes...oh wait, that will never happen :(.

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I totally agree with you that is will not work, but I think the messages behind this is to get people to be aware and find ways (like carpool) to lesses the demand of gas.

So on Tuesday grab a friend, coworker, etc... and share with them the reason why you love your Datsun! :D

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I disagree, I think it's a very easy and passive way to send a message. I'm gonna not buy gas that day, if only to make a statement. I guess it's true that people will buy before or after that date to compensate, but who gives a fuck...I think it will send a message that Americans can still get off thier asses and "protest". If no one bothers to participate I guess it send the other message to big oil companys...Keep fucking us over while you make record profits, it's ok I mean hell we're all used to paying 3 bucks a gallon why not go for $4.00! :end rant:

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I disagree, I think it's a very easy and passive way to send a message. I'm gonna not buy gas that day, if only to make a statement. I guess it's true that people will buy before or after that date to compensate, but who gives a fuck...I think it will send a message that Americans can still get off thier asses and "protest". If no one bothers to participate I guess it send the other message to big oil companys...Keep fucking us over while you make record profits, it's ok I mean hell we're all used to paying 3 bucks a gallon why not go for $4.00! :end rant:


That is the point of this protest, to be heard. We have at least 2 from this great forum. Come on guys!

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All this accomplishes is clog up peoples inboxes. I get forwarded that thing 3-4 times a year, since 2002. I've gotten the last one from 3 separate people already, not counting the forums I've seen it.


The oil barons notice it- it's amusing to them. "Look at those poor saps waiting in lines the 14th to fill up so they can 'send a message' on the 15th. Meanwhile we'll jack the price another 2 cents."


Want to make a dent? Go a month without buying gas. I know I can't- I fill up 3 times a WEEK. If I could use less gas I would. But I can't afford to live closer to work... and public transportation is impossible (3 hours each way, 5 transfers in 3 major cities...). So I consider my 32MPG KingCab close enough.


I probably won't buy gas the 15th, but that's because it's a Tuesday. I have to buy gas every other day because of my commute- Monday, Wed, and sometime on the weekend- unless I get off schedule.

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Well if supply keeps going up like it is and the supply doesn't increase we are all going to be paying alot of cash to the oil companies and those dudes are going to be even more rich then they already are. I guess they are in the right business, we can't live without it and they have it. :D

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we should protest with violence.

Napalm the middle east. Kill em all then we will litterally own the oil and import it to ourselves.

Maybe stop sending food to the countries that sell us this rediculously high priced gas


We don't send aid to any countries, remember this


Bush plans to spend more money on his inauguration party than he will spend on aid to the worst natural disaster in history. Bush spends more money in one hour in Iraq than he spends on relief to the AIDS epidemic in Africa. In Zimbabwe alone, 2,000 people a week die of AIDS. They have a 45-minute rule in Zimbabwe

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'aholic is so right! If you want to make a statement stop buying gas. Buying it the day before or after is retarded. Just one day take the bus, get off your asses and walk or bike or ride with someone who dosn't care. Every gal saved hurts them,..not buying it the next day.An oil company PR guy thought this up to distract you.

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Funny I was just thinking today, about the impact of gaining a bunch of horsepower in my 521...GAS mileage... Yep I hate those Money Grubbing Petrochemical Industry Bastards all most as much as I hate the Pharmaceutical Industry Bastards... or the Warmongers who profit from conflict.... And then I got a little pessimistic.. Its unsaveable... the temp is gonna go up... the seas will rise, climates will shift... famine and disease will run rampant, wars will be fought over grains of rice.. and all that money they squirrled away... Just might see them through the storm... and then again... maybee it won't. But Rejoice... I have no children, therefore no reason to Lament. We are just self correcting.. creating an atmosphere where our numbers will be greatly reduced, and the planet will bounce back.

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I assume that position on my bike. Today when I left work there were 4 other bikes in the rack, the most ever. Sometimes there is one other bike. Maybe it's the fine weather, maybe it's the $60 to $100 fill ups.


Bulletside "Well said. Bush and Chenny are not going to bat for the American people."


Well, in a way they are. Bush and chenny ARE big oil, and they serve big oil's interests. Look at it this way,

America is the largest user of oil mainly because the American public is addicted to oil, actually cheap oil.

American production peaked and is in serious decline since the late '60s, and now has to look further afield for it. (mid east)

The 'government', wishing to remain in power, sees lots of pissed off citizens demanding oil for their SUVs, cheap transportation, agriculture, goods and services and will have to find more oil 'no matter what'.

Worldwide, there is a finite amount of oil available.

Other nations, China, India, Japan and other second and third world countries are starting to demand their 'place in the sun' and also want oil in order to up their standard of living.

The only way to ensure an oil supply is to invade an oil rich country, impose a democratic government that protects capitalism, get them to sign a contract to sell us their oil, with the US as the sole buyer, and start the pumps.


The alternative is to do nothing. More countries want more of something fast becoming scarce and the price goes up, the standard of living down. Only the rich will afford a car. Public trans for everything, live close to work, grow your own food, social programs cut, and more. All because we got used to cheap oil and now it ain't cheap anymore.


The government could make it artificially cheap and two things would happen... we'd run out sooner and muscle cars would come back. Higher prices will (hopefully) encourage newer energy sources to be developed.


So what are you willing to live without in the near future? $40 for a tank of gas a week is... a dollar an hour pay!

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Well said guys.


We do have cheap gas compared to some countries, but we don't get free medical or free collage. Not living there I don't know how true these "free" benefits really are or are not. Sometimes I wish we had the same kinda gas prices here, I hate SUV's and would pay 3 times as much for gas just to see half as many on the road. I see gas prices double but still see only v6 or v8 cars around???? I hate how are country works sometimes. Just working in construction, seeing 8,000 square foot house for average sized families, then going to retired elderly who can't afford the cheapest furnace they sell.... Or going into gated communities, safe behind that made in china "steel" fence. Why not make society safer so you don't need that 8ft fence... I vote green because I feel guilty voting an other way. I had a teacher in high school, she always said "If your not part of the solution your part of the problem." in hight school I didn't really understand what she meant, now that I'm older I totally understand. I know what you are thinking, why do I drive an old car that pollutes. Well I'm glad you asked... It gets better milage than most new cars, second I maybe see one other datsun on the road. We are not the problem, if we where this sight would be flooded :D Which brings me to another one quote I like. "You can't change the future by changing the past, you change the future by changing the present." Well it goes something like that. They need to stop selling SUV's and work on some good hybids in my opinion. That would save some gas.

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Guest 510kamikazifreak


We have a electric car company here on the Island

Randy,Modifies ,just about anything to elec power,boat motors,motor bikes,cars etc,

His work is in some major metro areas

:cool: :cool:

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Guest DatsuNoob

Hey Icehouse, a fuel efficient replacement to the gas guzzling V8 cars? You mean like the Mustang 2? HAHA, yeah there's too many SUV's for sure, the vast majority of the people who own them really don't need that much vehicle it's just more of a status symbol. These are the same careless individuals you see flooding the McDonalds and Starbucks drive-throughs wasting $1.99 of gas at a time while talking on bluetooth headsets, and skipping the article on air pollution and going straight to the stocks section of the daily newspaper. There are plenty of other options for transporting a family if they use that excuse, why not opt for a more economical Subaru wagon of some kind? I told myself I'd never own a wagon, but if I did it would be one of those. The great and shitty thing about this country is freedom of choice. It's just too bad lots of people make such selfish, vain, ignorant choices in choosing a vehicle when it comes to thinking of air pollution. This country loves the life of excess, and rarely does anything to fix problems until they become big problems. I did my senior paper on Hemp fuel as an alternative to gasoline(no I'm not a big pothead, but I dont have a problem with it either). Hemp seed oil can be chemically converted to both ethanol and biodiesel, which would be a good alternative to fuel both kinds of engines on the road today. The problem lies in big oil, and the Government. Oil companies don't want to lose money, so the cycle of selfishness and greed continues. Rather than give back jobs to American farmers and boost our economical independence, property is given to developers to make more over populated "crackerbox" housing for those SUV loving modern day yuppy families, which only leads to more congestion on roads that weren't intended for that much traffic, perpetuating the cycle of air pollution. As you can tell this is an issue I feel very strongly about, good thread :D

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Ice, another reason for an old Datsun is how much oil is used to transport and produce the raw materials used in the manufacture of a new vehicle? A huge amount I bet, why not use the old ones?


Lou, electric is ok here as long as recharged from renewable (hydro) at least. Look at those idiots with hybrid electric that plug in at night to a coal or oil generated electricity.


Noob, how big is big enough for a house? Add to that the oil cost to heat and cool it for it's life. Not to mention the cost to manufacture all the materials to make it in the first place. It's insane.


Has anyone noticed the price of corn? It's doubled because we are turning it into ethanol for our SUVs. How fucked is that? Products with corn it it, which is just aboul anything with sweetner, are costing more lately because we are sticking this valuable resource in our tanks. Shall we go hungry to feed our cars?

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Some of these comments make me wonder if folks know much about the oil industry, and how the money actually moves around.


The oil industry has a rather large consumer base -- nearly every driver on the road is a consumer. With that much consumer volume, why *wouldn't* you expect the oil industry to make so much money? That's just the nature of sales.


The reason oil prices go up is because people invest in oil, and in oil futures (which makes up about 20% of the actual oil purchases). When the stock market gets jittery due to crisis in oil producing countries, people start buying up oil because the available supply is tied up in those countries. The price of oil goes up, so we experience a hike in gas prices. That's the way it works. That's just basic economics.


Folks complain about the Bush administration's relationship with oil, but here's the relationship: Republicans push for decreased taxes for big oil, which allows big oil to sell oil cheaper to Americans. Americans benefit by paying less. Why are folks complaining about this?


If you want to complain about something worth complaining about, focus on actual corruption of the oil industry, on lack of environmental stewardship, and about ethical treatment of human beings in oil producing countries. Just adding to the "BIG OIL SUCKS LOL" bandwagon doesn't make a lot of sense.


The corn/ethanol relationship is a little disturbing... but the solution is to grow more corn and increase supply. The cost is going up because there's an increase in demand... and balancing that out with an increase in supply takes care of that situation. I'm concerned about a potential corn blight, though. If we grow to depend on corn (invariably, the cheapest single strain of corn available), a single hit by disease could wipe out the nation's supply of corn and instantly cripple the entire transportation infrastructure of the US.


anyhow, sorry for the rant.

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so maybe we need to move towards a fuel that doesn't burn. Even if we had bio diesel in good supply we are still pumping out the pollution into the air.

Electric cars and more reliable and natural ways to produce power would be a solution. Then we need to figure out how to power our airplanes...


on the other hand, maybe our entire worldwide society has reached its peak and is on the downfall. In history every great nation reaches a peak and collapses. 1999 was as good as it gets :eek: its all downhill from here

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Have you guys seen who killed the electric car? It talks about charging an electric car with coal power plants and how it polutes less than gas. Check it out boys :D


As for Bush... the money that stupid fucker spent fight terrorism.... or wepons of mass distruction.... we could all have a electic car. Like they say in the electric car movie, why would they want alternative energy sources when there is billions of dollars still down there. I didn't vote for him and proud to say it :D


Have you guys heard of Nicoli Tesla? He invented a way to power everything wirelessly. Look it up! He never got to try it because of big buisness. He idea seems perfect.

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