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  1. Yup I use the hooks all the time, just way to useful to part ways with them. They are kinda like hairy balls, not all that pretty but I personally would miss them if they where gone. -naz
  2. Hey Neighbor, I'm one of the guys in the shop across from you. It's a small world. :)
  3. naz

    Wiper switch

    with a little time and effort you should be able to pull the switch apart and clean the contacts.. assuming it is the switch. -naz
  4. naz

    Bench seat swaps?

    I used a old mazda seat in my 521 at least I think it was a mazda seat it is a full bench bolts in fairly easy and has cut out in the middle so if you ever need a little more room farther back for a shifter. I will try and grab some photos of it if remember..... -naz
  5. Yeah I blew my rearend and sounds similar and couple transmissions.
  6. naz

    FJ20 info

    A photo of the head gasket, just in case anyone is curious.
  7. naz

    FJ20 info

    Yeah I've been emailing him and he's been very nice and quick to respond. Well it's good someone has had experience with him, though my gasket shouldn't be pushed to hard since I'm running NA with just a set of ITB's.
  8. naz

    FJ20 info

    http://www.coppergaskets.us/ This guy makes and sells copper head gaskets for the FJ20, I ordered one from him and it should be here soon. Seems that he will make one for anything you want in whatever thickness you want. Pretty cool service I think and his prices are reasonable as well for that kind of service, at least I think. -Naz
  9. Well I do have something I could swap in actually, if you need it to still move... -Naz
  10. I need a rear end you interested in parting ways with it? you can PM if you want. -Naz
  11. http://onemansblog.com/2007/09/05/wheres-osha-when-you-need-em/
  12. naz

    FJ20 info

    If folks are ordering bearings for the FJ20 thought I would pass on some info. RB602-std fit the rods which appears to be the same a Z24 and I'm sure a number of other engines. The main bearings are 5M1172-std which are same as L16/L18. The standard rings for the engine are PR607-std which seem to match up with KA24e ring set. The Freeze Plugs are 555-100 or 30mm Freeze Plugs. Hopefully this info is of use to folks! -Naz
  13. Well now it's time to go start hitting up yards, it will be nice to be able to drive my truck around again. -Naz
  14. mine is a 72, thanks for the info! -Naz
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