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"KA"nsas 2DR

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originally built and owned by atom church - ( http://community.ratsun.net/topic/19212-save-a-510-from-death-2-door-edition/ )

I'll be nice, cause I really do love the car, and believe she was in great shape at one point, but she is in a pretty sad state now.


With that said she did drive 27 hours. and quite comfortably I might add.


Flew out to Sacramento last Friday morning. got picked up by the Keeper, blind folded and taken to the secret 510 hidaway.  (haha just playin) but he did buy me lunch!


Really couldn't say nicer things about James and Vicky. Went the extra mile from day one. Thanks again, and again.






this part was by far the most exciting bit of the whole. tho could have just been the excitement of the first time driving it.



then it turns into nothing... forever... (glad we gps our mph, 90-110= app. 75mph.)



about 4hours in is where it got bad. we made it about 3/4 thru a really barren part of Nevada. like we would doomed if it happen much earlier. 

OVERHEATS bad.... pull over stand there for 15 minutes let it cool. then barely make it to rest stop. but wait its the desert and there is zero water. just hole in the ground for bathroom. wait and cool. drive for 20, wait 15, and over again. evetually make it to gas station. buy tons of water. 


open cap, and see mud and serious lack of water/coolant. add and overflow out of water bottle, start filling and burping air. getting small amount of foam. (worries me) drive around little bit and is perfect, actually too cool.


will add there is no thermostat, so temp gauge the entire time driving was ice cold. like not event registering as warmed up.


drive little more and stop in Elko, Nevada. not as far I wanted to make it at all, but was already extremely long day.


Woke up early made tons of progress on Saturday. 17 hours total. Crossed tons of states. Kinda scary, some gas stations were 50+ miles apart.





Somewhere in Wyoming things got bad, not for us tho. As we're driving everyone starts to slow down. no traffic is going by in opposite lane, yet there isn't a back up. just one or two semi's blocking the road. it took us a moment to realize what we we're looking at but tragically there was a man wrapped tangled up in his motorcycle. it had happened just seconds earlier, but it was easily apparent he didn't make it. drove for 15-20mins before we saw two cops pass us. the 40mph crosswinds is what we determined to be cause.


Made it to Denver and ran into just a very small amount of traffic. Car immediately started to OVERHEAT. we pull over in town. try and add more water. tons of foam I think it's the head gasket have a mini-freak and think we not gunna make it back.


old man convinces me if we get driving fast again it will cool off. wait for traffic and eat food, and go.


stopped at friends in Russel, Kansas. stay night and finish last 3 hours in KC sunday morning.



start tearing into it and making my list. then the storm that has been literally against our back all the way home catches up and dumps



I'll get into that in a minute the build here in a minute

I have a ton more pictures but left my camera at home. 





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So just spent afternoon working on it with buddy.


Don't think it was gasket, but one of the unused coolant line barely plugged, sucking air in. Put new cap on it

Will investigate more later.But rinsed block and radiator thoroughly works great so far.


Finally was able to take it for pretty wild test drive and had a serious blast.

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ohh forgot to mention look what happened on the way home. was literally looking at it with it cracked.



took my dog to work in it today...



so do before and after shots later, but I wet sanded all the grind-lines the wheel. only first one, and quick polish to see where I needed more sanding.

file-80.jpg  file-79.jpg


did a wire tuck and properly caps bunch of stuff.



started grinding the sand-cast off the intake manifold. soon to be fully polished.


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ya so this needs a cover made badly... too bad there's a huge chunk missing from bottom.



dad came over to help out..



removed carpet and pad. washed/prepped and touched up couple surface rust spots.



had to cut pieces a little small to get the most out of the material



roller really is crucial... also forgot to mention heated up metal with hair dyer as it was a cool 55 out.



I used a company called GT Mat. not bad stuff at all. not ridiculously expensive like Dynamat.

 perfect for car like this. made a noticeable difference, as this girl was pretty loud inside.







operation grille refresh.....



a ton a tedious taping, fresh paint, and more polishing....





too much chrome for me so painted all the little bands, and re-polished all the big ones. headlight bezels to match...



very thrilled with final result! still need to repaint/install emblem



sorry atom, wet sanded your name off. 



spent like 7 hours yesterday sanding manifold, so get pics of that soon.
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I think the stock datsun grille, at least that style, came with the little bands painted black from factory. Least all the stock ones I've had.  Mine needs a refresh like that. Was just looking at it yesterday. Looks fantastic man.  Gives me motivation to do mine.

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That grille looks amazing!- very jealous. I have one being refinished right now and I hope it comes out that well. 


thanks, I almost had james put a later grille, cause I wanted something with little more black. glad i didn't.


luckily it wasn't bent and crooked so wasnt all that that bad.

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good ole rattle can. when used properly spray paint can still have fantastic results.


no primer on these but did shoot some adhesion promoter first.


Yep, I have only used rattle can for my jobs and it comes out great if prepped well. Keep it up!

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I was gonna ask what happened to you, I'm used to seeing that pic of your car (in ur sig) on kcsr.


Don't post as often on KCSR as I use to, was getting a little annoyed. I'll probably post on there when my car is running, so in 10 years lol.


That and I moved to the PNW.

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Don't post as often on KCSR as I use to, was getting a little annoyed. I'll probably post on there when my car is running, so in 10 years lol.


That and I moved to the PNW.

ya truth.... I stop commenting on there long time ago.


I have the cover you need for the bell-housing if you want . it's yours for the shipping price and paypal fees :)


do go on.... pretty sure ones i've seen on other conversions just a piece of sheet metal cut to size and bolted up.


i see why the stock one doesn't fit.... you got something special?? 

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Took it to the local car gathering to tonight ...


Ferrari 360 Stradale

Maserati Gran Turismo MC

Handful of Lamborghini's

Ferrari 430 16M

Ferrari 599 & Ferrari 599 GTO

Ferrari 458 & Ferrari 458 Spider

Corvette Z06(s) + Calloway


Mustang GT500 (+ kenne bell)

Porsche 997

Camaro zl1

Whole line of fully modified 370z's (all friends.)

Gorgeous Austin Healy


And everyone flocked to the 510 like a fly to one of those bug zappers. Some guys stood there for 15+ waiting for owner (me) to step up and start convo. Drew huge crowds


Also was able to put to full test and had buddy to race me (safely) in my z only way home.


Haven't smiled sooo much in one day in long time.

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