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  1. project now for sale:( my father need his garage back and I need a cash down for a new house... might also part out , if there is some interest in parts...
  2. some progress :D made the steering column support I removed the rear subframe to put some primer under the car made a plate in the firewall for the pedal assembly test fit of the pedal assembly and of the gaz pedal , still have to modify the gaz pedal a bit patched the last part I had to do!
  3. Thx :) Still not alive ... but on its way back :D
  4. little fuel cell update baffles made out of the extra material from cutting the cell then close it back !
  5. so , test fit of the heater : pretty good :) a few custom duct to make but nothing that bad got some cleaning done and a little more patches cleaning the engine bay ;) SURPRISE !! PRIMER :D still some work to do but at least those area wont rust anymore :) more to come soon :D
  6. I found a way to really try my tig welder cutted out 4 inches of fuel cell , I'll make baffles out of the spare material because there wasn't any in the cell . I thought 70L was a bit too much ...Now i'll have 45L :)
  7. yeah , when it's going to be all of the same color it will be even nicer :)
  8. roll cage is 99% done still have the lower bars in the doors to weld and a couple of other welds to check up :) here is the result :P next step is to install the steering column and pedal assembly :) when that will be done , primer and paint for the interior under panels and engine bay :)
  9. roll cage !!!!!!! we finish this up tomorrow :)
  10. roll cage tomorrow !!! dahhhhhh I wont sleep :) I feel like it's christmas aHAHAH
  11. ahah allright ! I will check what I need :)
  12. 53$ cnd for shipping :) I can give it to you for the shipping price too... you might have some other parts I need hehe :P I prefere to trade than to sell for now... when the car will be done I will have A LOT of stuff to get rid of ..
  13. got the car higher to paint under the floor pans and to have the car at the right height to finish the roll cage :) what's left of metalwork to do , will be easier at this height more to come :).... soon !
  14. work's fine by me ! here are pictures of the bumper , look pretty straight to me ! there is only the 2 broken bolt for the bracket in the back ... easy fix ;)
  15. That would be great . Keep me on it .. I ll have a look on the bumper this afternoon :)
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