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  1. That is where I was leaning with wide drafts and the exhaust right there as well. Also I was leaning towards a nylon carbon filament supposedly good up to about 200* F
  2. Anyone look at creating intake manifold to run ITBs? Via 3d printing versus making from metal?
  3. The Tachometer has been working amazing! I also made some shift knobs, and a new instagram emblem! https://www.instagram.com/p/CUyNe-kPQGs/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  4. Dude well done. I felt like my 510 was a project, yours is on a whole nother level.
  5. Got my shift knob ready for the car show at the end of next week. It isn't perfect but I am pretty proud.
  6. Here I what that looks like in real life, definitely not perfect
  7. My shift knob is all sorts of messed up. So I decided to make my own. I have done a couple test prints. I will do a full test print later today.
  8. That is what I was thinking about doing I have been toying with the idea of exporting the sides as .DXF files and using a laser to cut out some wood. I haven't decided whether it makes sense to cover it for Vinyl or just paint it. I was leaning towards vinyl. Realistically I realized I was trying to get too much done considering I have the Williams car show in a few weeks, and I want to just ensure the car is drivable. I really like the idea of just making the corner/side pieces thank you for that advice.
  9. I will be there with the Wife's Figaro and my 510 (last time I brought my 280z).
  10. Just stumbled across this post, dude it looks really cool. Well done!
  11. Holy Cow it has been a while since I posted in my build thread I have largely abandoned this format and have moved over to Youtube. I just uploaded Episode #80 it goes live next Saturday, if you haven't subscribed on YouTube, please consider it would help me out a bunch. Here is what I have finished since the beginning of the year. - Finished front Rust Repairs (these 4 words do NOT do justice to all the work that has been done) - Swapped in Front T3 Coil Overs - Swapped in Seats (If I hadn't already done that) - Rebuilt the Transmission (There was nothing wrong I am an idiot) - Repaired the Rust on the rear Panel - Made a new exhaust - Painted the rear Fenders - Made a spare tire cover - Got new Tires - Fixed my brakes after I forgot a cotter pin when I first put them together :/ - Swapped in a 240Z steering wheel - Modeled and 3d Printed my own tachometer (really proud of that one) Check out the sweet sweet Tachometer!
  12. I am not liking how the center console is working out. my settings or 3d printer aren't doing a good job and I am getting warping. In other news I am still plugging away on my Tachometer design I got it fully in the car today.
  13. Been still chugging away on 510 small projects now that the large projects are done. Check out the latest 3d model. It is a printable center console, looking at the print time and the amount of chopping I had to do, I would suggest building the thing out of something else, maybe light MDF then covering with vinyl? Who knows, what I know if I can "build" this on the printer while I am at work making money...
  14. Also I am super stoked to see that someone else printed something I made. It is a cool feeling.
  15. On this tach there is no provision for a glass I can probably add one just don't know exactly how. That being said I did just start making the acrylic covers for the stock gauges this weekend.
  16. That is a good idea, the other option would be to add-in in Cura post processing to change Z resolution at that height then back to much higher after?
  17. You are welcome. I do have some for sale products coming soon that will I think be a help to the community, and I am trying to see if me printing some of these are feasible to sell, but honestly I know my printer isn't that great. There also isn't a glass covering this thing which doesn't bother me but might bother others.
  18. I put a link in the Thingiverse page to the tach. I based the numbers on sweep of that tach. https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B00T451W6S/ref=ppx_yo_mob_b_track_package_o0_img?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  19. First real contribution is up. The Datsun 510 Custom DIY Tachometer is complete. I am going to run mine for the next month or two to see if I still like it and might make some changes, but she is live! If you have a 510 you can have a tachometer for much under $50 if you already have a 3d printer! (that includes buying the tachometer) Please do not take this print it, then sell it online. If you want to pay someone to print it go for it. I am not attempting to get into the 3d printing and selling business currently with my crappy Ender 3v2 Clone. If you want to tip me on Thingiverse go for it. Hit me up on here if you have any questions. I hope this helps someone in the community. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4948260
  20. Is this it? https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2835620
  21. Do you have pictures and measurements? I think that one might already be out there.
  22. Think I might be as done as I can be with this bad boy. The lighting solution looks like it is noticeable, once the part is painted black it blends in, and is hardly noticeable. I have the part on the 3d Printer right now if it turns out well I will be done with this today. I need to make a few tweaks to the tachometer holder that goes on the back. It has been a very interesting learning process. I am very happy with the way it turned out. When I get it fully done, I will post a how-to video on my youtube channel, consider subscribing for Datsun content. Definitely like the video, hoping to grow the channel with original content like this
  23. His thread was one of the things that got me thinking about this stuff.
  24. I have been talking with another guy who actually already makes the filler piece on the dash, he also 3d prints the rear light housings. Super good dude. Here has been this weeks project. I am farther along working on a lighting set up. I printed out the most recent prototype last night. THe lighting is almost there. I am going to use green LEDs. Check it out.
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