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Budget 620 KC

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Hello fellow rats!
I've been a car nut since day one. None of my friends of family know anything about cars so I've taught myself everything I know.
I'm hoping to start UTI in the next couple of months but in the mean time, Im going to be working on my new 1977  620 KC.

This thread is mainly so i can be motivated to get things done, and to track down what I've already done.






To do list: (in no particular order)

get registered 

fix transmission whine

fix turn signals

bed lining


polish wheel covers

paint wheels

1967 front lip

replace fender

replace door cards

power locks

power windows


window tint

new center console

center mounted hand brake

new rear brakes

wheel alignment 

sound deadening 

fix heater

lower 3inches

replace seats

replace steering wheel

fix stearing leak

front disk brake conversion

get Ka24de motor mount brakets

get KA24de and trans

sell current L20 and 5speed

install KA

boost KA?

power steering?

... Profit


any help will always be appreciated 

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this isnt going to be an over night project thats for sure. I have all the tools needed to do any work this thing may ask for. 
luckily, I have a few friends that work in auto parts, and a lot of people owe me favors.
The only think that will drain me is paint. and I'm still debating on power locks/windows.


First thing to knock out on the to do list is fix the transmission whine.

I just replaced the fluid (it was dark brown but no metal chucks)
it shifts perfectly but whines like it had straight cut gears (does not whine in 4th)

any help would be great. Im still hunting on the interwebs for info.



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To fix the whine, you'll have to pull the trans and replace the bearings inside of it mang....  I just put a clutch kit in it and put the trans back in :lol:


Congrats... Get a 30 dollar buffer from home depot and buff that paint, itll shine like a new penny.

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This is a bitter sweet moment, its great that i know the issue, its not great that i have to do it haha
I just finished clay baring the right side (got rid of all the rust stains). Tomorrow, I'll do the rest of it and hit it with TR3... and source out input, output, and throw out bearing (is that it?)

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If I recall correctly we sized up the new throw out bearing with the old one, to be sure it was the right one (sometimes they are different). So the throw out collar is new and good to go.


You'll need the bearings for the inside of the trans, input / output.  Datzenmike has a thread that was just bumped recently that shows how to take the front casing off. You'll need a gasket for the bell housing to IIRC.  From what it looked like, it should be somewhat easy really.  IDK if those bearings are pressed in or not, but if they are any shop with a press can pop them in / out.  It'd be more work and time consuming then costly I think.... Once you get the trans out take lots of pictures and take your time... you'll get it.  And if you have questions, people can help you thru it

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I just bought a KA24DE with transmission and extra wiring harnesses and a bunch more KA goodies 
I know im also going to be needing redeyes's mounts, can-am box, power steering delete, shorten driveshaft, reversed taper center link, and other small odds and ends.
Let the festivities begin!

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I need ideas

So since I have the engine out, I want to paint the engine bay.
The truck will be getting painted green in the future.
In fact, I really want to try to replicate Fisch's drawing.

I love the fact that it stands out while being subtle. I'm thinking of painting the engine bay orange like the wheels, thus being subtle, and stand out.

My other option is to go black so it will go with anything. Im not too sure yet.

Any opinions are helpful! 


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As promised.
I ended up going with orange.
I went to pick up black paint originally and turns out Wally World was all out.

I asked the 107 year old guy if they had any more black, he said ''No, but we have a lot of Orange!'' and he laughed.
He was quite confused when I said that I'l take that instead.

Tomorrow I'l reattach everything and clean some parts up. The KA should be in by the end of this week


I also just got the Can-am box. I feel like a kid in a candy store! I have Redeye's mounts and Icehoue's can/am just sitting right next to me!
Now, if i could just close my eyes and have someone else do the wiring, I'd be set! (im really not looking forward to that)

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I ran into a little hiccup. I'm using the KA transmission. And I'm having problems with the end of the transmission passing the torsion bar bolts.

The transmission end has tabs that stick out to bolt down to a second cross-member on the 240's. Can I cut that off?

And do I need to modify the end of the transmission to get it to accept the drive shaft?

I think i remember reading something about that but i cant seem to find it again

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After cutting a bit off the transmission end, and after a TON of colorful language, I finally got the KA bolted in.
I'm guessing it wouldn't be too hard if i were to do it again. My biggest problem was the fact that I did all of it on my own.

Now i just have to slot the transmission  cross member a bit, and remove the small drive shaft (Im finding it hard to do, am I just not doing it right?)

and of coarse, if theres no pics, it didnt happen!



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