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  1. I approve this message.
  2. TheRedWrench

    Another oops on ka 521 driveline

    i think im getting my trans mixed up. ....yup, ka trans only have the dust cover, no seal (my bad) so you're gonna fill from the shifter right?
  3. TheRedWrench

    Another oops on ka 521 driveline

    remove the side fill plug and put your finger in it, If you can feel any oil, youre low. when you remove the driveshaft remember to put in a new seal there too
  4. TheRedWrench

    Another oops on ka 521 driveline

    Yes its too short, and i'd say youre also well under the full mark on gear oil. Under acceleration all the fluid is going back and spilling out. What trans are you using?
  5. TheRedWrench

    620 steering links (tie rods) Difference between left and right?

    I got 2 left and 2 right from rock auto a while back. I still cant tell the physical difference. If someone could let us know, that would be awesome. I haven't installed them for that very reason
  6. TheRedWrench

    Budget 620 KC

    Drove my KaKc 620 around the block for the first time in 11 months since I started the engine swap! I didn't even get out of my driveway and someone already gave me the head nod of approval! Then again it currently is running open header lol! A huge thank you to the Ratsun community! I'll post a link to my build thread in the comments. This thing has a long way to go! More oics to come soon once the exhaust gets done!
  7. TheRedWrench

    Budget 620 KC

    I did want just a wee bit of tire stretch without it looking 'hellaflush' or whatever. I went to a used tire place and had them put on a junk tire for $10 on one of the wheels just so I could make sure I would like how it looked.
  8. TheRedWrench

    Budget 620 KC

    -19 Still have to run a bit of a spacer to clear the calipers
  9. TheRedWrench

    Budget 620 KC

    This is more of an update for myself. Today (just now) I finally got this KA running properly! All it took me was 10 months and more money than I would like to ever add up! Im so excited that I can start getting this thing ready for Canby and ready for me! I got some BEAUTIFUL Mazda 3 heated leather seats ready to go in and I'm going to design the interior off of the seats! I also just got a NEW full time job for a company making monster truck parts. Im going to see if I can design and build my own roll cage (because drift truck) All the dirty work is pretty much done! Now its all about maintenance and modifications to make this thing MY OWN! Canby or bust!
  10. TheRedWrench

    Canby 2014 No Fucks Given - - June 14 & 15

    ^^^^ Needs moar low
  11. TheRedWrench

    How to wire a KA, CA, SR, and VG into anything

    DDDDouble post
  12. TheRedWrench

    How to wire a KA, CA, SR, and VG into anything

    I had the same issue. turns out, i was missing 1 tiny ground wire (mine was the one on the same loom as the 02 sensor) just double check all of your grounds. I printed out the wiring diagram for the 240, which helped me find where all the grounds are supposed to be properly connected to.
  13. TheRedWrench

    Budget 620 KC

    Awesome update! I got her running!!!! Well, not without the HUGE help from schicksal! Still need to block off all the vacuum leaks that i caused by removing the egr Also need to finish making the intake so i can see if it will idle on its own or not. I really hate letting it run with open headers though. Now on to oics! First off, I installed air shocks so i have SOME rebound now. I also finished reindexing the torsion bars and also added low profile bumpstops up front. C notched rear will come in the future, till then, I cant hit the frame in the rear thanks to the new shocks :) I also went to Homedepot and found a random can of spray paint that looked like it would match pretty well.... And its not too bad actually! Much better than the black at least. I was also able to pick up a L series speedo cog.... I really should have remembered what color it was.... crap (just realized this now) I was scared of my expensive MT90 gear oil spilling out..... so i did this :) At least it worked! Grill with emblem will be put on soon enough, and I'm hoping Erich will help me weld new tabs onto the bumper (since the KA rad blocks the stock location) I also was able to dig this up form my old phone. This is the donor car the KA came from. It's now LS powered..... Im thinking I might want to take the LS off his hands too lol
  14. TheRedWrench

    Budget 620 KC

    I'm using the KA trans. The driveshaft company I used came down to my place and measured it up. There were some complications due to a 'new guy' so they had to cut it twice and never got an accurate measurement. Honestly, I don't like the way it sits right now. Its pulling the carrier bearing more than I would like.
  15. TheRedWrench

    Budget 620 KC

    oh one more thing, I also opened up the core support a bit to get better use out of the stock KA radiator

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