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  1. California looks good on the old girl. Keep it up.
  2. Headed north tonight. Will stop at Bakersfield, tonight and Yreka tomorrow night and Seaside on Saturday.
  3. Eugene should be 2ish. I will know better once I'm on the road.
  4. PayPal is my email in first post. Don't forget the .com
  5. I'm 6'6" that is why I only drive kingcabs. It is possible to drive a standard, but not at all comfortable.
  6. I will be headed from Seaside OR to Murrieta CA around March 21st. I will have lots of room to haul parts (for a nominal fee, diesel ain't cheap). I will also have an empty car trailer on the way home around the 28th. I'm not on very often so email: james.schlink@gmail.
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