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521: Project C

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I drove down to LA the other day to buy some parts off a 521 this kid was parting out, and decided to buy the whole truck.  Project B should be wrapped up by the end of March, this one is next.  Plan is to keep it pretty stock, paint it bright blue, slot mags, black or gray interior.


Here's the starting point, a 1972 521.  The previous owner had started to part it out, sold the fenders, windshield, and a few other items.  He had stripped the truck down to rebuild it, but then was transferred out of town, when he returned back he lost interest in the project and wanted to part out the entire thing.  In the foreground is my project B, the yellow 521.  I have fenders, doors, about everything I need except a good windshield.



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Are you retiring soon?  LOL  This will turn out to be another beautiful truck like you Project B is.\


Curious What was Project A?

Project A was the first 521 I bought from a guy in LA. I paid too much, didn't realize the level of work needed, but along the way the local mechanic (his son actually) fell in love with the truck so I agreed to sell it to him in exchange for mechanical work on Project C. He'll rebuild the engine, do brake work, and the king pins. The mechanic drives a 620 so he's pretty familiar with Datsuns.


I plan to retire from the Navy next year, go back to school and "re-tool" myself as a history teacher. I'm not sure I'll keep both 521's, we'll see. I just like saving these guys from the wrecking yard and I suppose with each rebuild I get smarter at it.

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Thats truck mans 521.

My first car as a high school junior (back when dinosaurs roamed the earth) was a 71 521, bright blue with US mag slots and big "Big O" branded tires. I loved that truck so when I hit middle age -- instead of buying a corvette like all the other mid-life crisis bubbas I circled back to buy a 521. Along the way as I bought "parts trucks" I fell into the "mommy can I keep him?" mode.

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New plan.  Keeping this as a pickup, and instead of spending the dinero rebuilding the L16, I'll put a 5 speed and (work with me here) a newer engine like something out of a 200SX.  More reliable engine, a  bit more power, probably better suited as a daily driver and the yellow one (Project B) will be the pretty (stock) one.


Any thoughts about where I should look for an engine?  Meaning...what vehicle to source it from?  At this point I want to stay Nissan, not looking to rework the firewall etc.

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