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It's a love/hate thing...

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So since I've had this car for about 8 months now, I've finally decided to create a build thread.

First the boring back story! My good friend s30kid actually got me into the Z car, and as soon as we slid around the first corner I was hooked and knew I needed one. So after a few months of searching Craigs, I came across my '78 280z. After selling a few things and getting 2 small loans from my dad and a friend, I purchased it for 600$ with only 3 rust spots and non-running. I worked on it at his place for around 3 weeks before trailering it home. After getting it home it looked like this:






With these 17'' rims:




Those were horrible so I sold them and bought these:




Which I then gave to s30kid for rims and tires, which I'm still running now.The ones he gave me are in the final picture, although I did pick up these, I just have to rubber wrap them:





Now enough about appearances, this is a list of what I've done to the car so far:

  • New clutch master and slave
  • New brake master
  • New pads/rotors/brake cylinders/shoes
  • Hooked up the starter
  • Put in the Radiator and shroud
  • New oil/Drained old
  • Drained gas tank
  • Flushed the system with Mystery Oil
  • Elephant oil cap
  • New injectors/spark plugs
  • Bolted up the transnission mounts
  • New front valance
  • Bolted on the exhaust

And now I've just been dailying it ever since. One final picture for you picture whores:




Me and s30kid. And btw, I'm only monster truckin till tomorrow ;)

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looking really good man! hope you go low! ;)


Careful what you wish for...




And here's how I did it:

  • Firstly, I aqquired s30kids old springs:









  • I then spent around 9 hours total getting out the old stockers, and putting in the new shorter ones.
  • Here's the before and afters:

Rear before:








Front before:








And jesus christ is it low....





I can now officially say jalen sucks. Second post and I've already done what he wants to do with his, while dailying it.


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whats specs on those last wheels? Looks good so far hope to see nice progress


Those are Bart Racing 15x8 with a 2 inch backspacing.

And as far as progress wise, I need to re-wire my lights, I roasted them :blush:

Then it's paint time, with a nice sand tan colour, keeping all the chrome trim. The rims'll get a coating of graphite grey.

From there it's out with the stock seats from some comfyer buckets, and another 5 point harness.

Motor wise it'll get some triple carbs, new rings and re-gasketed.

And that's about it :angel:

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Ohh wait you have a job.....And i got 2 dattos bitches.


haha and im digging the barts. does barts make 15x0's do you know?

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Actually, I have less money then you jalen, and no job. I have around 600$ in debt to various people.


Do you mean toe-in? A common reason for it is a bent suspension piece. Or changing suspension parts and not correcting the alignment afterwards.


Thanks! I'll check that out!

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I think if you lower a z or 510 it will toe in. Its in or out but Byron on the realm know this for sure as he sell the rear adjuster kit .


As for the lights you have what you mean rewire? Nothing wrong with the stock wiring. Just hook up a H4 Harness to the stock wire to trigger and and should be fine.Dont know why Datsunpeople have trouble with them unless they put the wrong Watt lamp hack up the orginal stuff


Just find soem wheels taht tuck in thew stock fenders and call it good. Nothing wrong w/ the stock lines of a early Z car

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I wasn'y going flared, but I will have an agressive fender pull.


And I mean the wire to the light switch stock and all the way to the fuze box is completely melted.


Btw, can someone enlighten me on how to get the drain and fill plugs out of a transmission? It seems impossible...

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To get the drain and fill plugs out of the transmission, turn them counter-clockwise. Use as large a pipe wrench as you can fit under the car. Tighten the wrench up all the way. When you put it back, use some anti-sieze and DO NOT get very tight, just get them snug.

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Actually, I have less money then you jalen, and no job. I have around 600$ in debt to various people.




Thanks! I'll check that out!


Ehh, i want to do my suspension once and be done with it. so ill just save up for GC coilovers.

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well said dat..... jalen don't u have ownership of a goon to corroborate...

I think it is only the z car threads that jalen inflicts with his presence :rofl: :sneaky:


Corroborate is a big word haha. and its fun messing with people on the inetrwebz.


and z chopper im going to troll your thread now haha



so that one guy what are the plans? be like s30 kid and build a drift car? a street car slammed? whats the plans? tell us the plans YO!

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ohh and your z is an inch lower. I cut 3 coils in frront. and none in back. Gotta have that rake.....and suspension isnt fun. :yawn:


An inch? Try 4 there buddy.

And I at least work on my car instead of promising people shit and then not doing anything for months on end. Get the fuck out.

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