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  1. I havent been here in a while.
  2. Have no idea what happen to the links but there will be an update soon. My daily got stolen with all my belongings including my photography equipment so the Z will be taking longer than originally expected. Though I got my car back , now I have to replace close to 3k in equipment. I already replaced my camera and laptop so the Z will get attention sometime the end of the month or next. Until then!
  3. Quite the change. Wont be long about this but this is whats happening: R33 Subframe, RB20, S13 Front everything, and another pair of Meisters. Will be running and driving by the summer if time allows it. If you want to see more, post comments or w/e to encourage me to post more lol. Till then.
  4. I was just giving you shit broseph. Jalen used to do those "partlist" and then never execute after awhile, so I figured this was another one of those.
  5. Winter Jam happened. The first day was fine with no problems...until mid day the carbs started doing whatever it wanted. I wasn't even able to compete in the team tandem competition that I hoped for. If i ran a return, it didnt have enough fuel psi to keep the floats full, even regulator didn't change anything. When I would run no return or fpr it would simply over fuel the 3rd carb and flood the chambers.. I forced the car to compete for singles competition but the sputtering and having no light throttle at all sucked since if I wouldnt stay full throttle the chambers would flood. Th
  6. Lots of crap going with this car lately. Made a quick fuel cell fire wall, got a bash bar bent and I goto do my first lesson welding project done, cutoff switch for entire car power..... mounted up my new HID's after breaking my 4th set from drifitng, installed a S14 passenger seat for ridealongs, got some racequip tow straps and 5pt harness for passenger seat..... Finally got my team sticker on along with some awesome banners for me and "stupidfast" aka homie teammate..... Fucked my sideskirts after a drift event so I cut them up to shape again and got them to fi
  7. Happy Thanksgiving everyone. The Z has gotten quite a bit of attention to get ready for Sonoma Drifts Winter Jam. Exterior cutoff switch, 4 point cae with door bars now. I even got to test the Work Meisters in the rear but unfortunately I blew my radiator... And even when i got the radiator temporarily sealed the throttle linkage on carb 4 broke. it was overall a shitty test run but thats what it was for to see what I needed done before Dec 20-21. After this event though the Z will taking a break for a while due to changing priorities in my life for a better living situation.
  8. well they landed and i couldn't be happier.
  9. Had some panels laying around though not the prettiest, they are stepping stone for paint. Just need a passenger fender, hatch which I already found for cheap and a hood. I have a cage date for the 22nd that will include a 4point with door bars coming too. Gonna go drifting Nov.12th at Sonoma raceway too! then competition in December!! Gonna end the year all cool
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