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  1. I goes alright!! I'll have a video soon, it's quick! I broke the engine in making the drive from the Bay Area to LBC did a oil change in my friends driveway. Didn't make it to JCCS unfortunately, my caliper fell off in west covina at 2am, and I couldn't drive it to LBC the following morning :/ I rigged a way the caliper and made it back tho, engine was cool the whole way back. First "performance" engine I've built and so far so good lol.
  2. _MG_9556 by Carlos Jimenez, on Flickr _MG_9559 by Carlos Jimenez, on Flickr _MG_9562 by Carlos Jimenez, on Flickr _MG_9579 by Carlos Jimenez, on Flickr
  3. So, I'm registered for JCCS... Got 7 days to go and the car isn't done yet lol, might have to pull a few all nighters
  4. I just wanted to post this here for future searches, Dayco #71601 lower rad Jose works perfect with the 97 Jetta rad. As Creepycruisers method of using old radiator hose as a reducer it works perfectly. I'll post a picture of fitment later
  5. i pumped my own gas in Oregon. Knock that off the bucket list

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Farmer Joe

      Farmer Joe

      i pump my own gas in oregon... im from idaho tho.. i dont give a fuck if they say i cant. most of em just say fuck it and let you..

    3. Laecaon


      its not new. What is new is the rule that in rural towns you can pump your own gas.

    4. Draker


      Also if your car is older than a certain age or its a diesel, you can pump your own gas.

  6. Butt welds! I forgot to add to the post, but im adding gussets to the under side, I just have to mill some pieces and get longer hardware
  7. Alright, finally got the engine to sit where I want it Disregard the engine position relative to the mounts, that was an early picture before the tranny sat where it should, ive since slotted and painted the mounts
  8. I should be in the area around midday saturday, I'm coming up with some friends and it's been a while for all of us since we last had a vacation so we're taking PCH up there and taking our time lol. Our hotel is near Canby, and we'll be spending the night there and then we'll be at the event all day the following day (Sunday) after that, we're gonna go explore Portland and the surround area, def stopping at some food places
  9. Definitely passing by Eugene, hopefully I don't buy too much Datsun shit while I'm in town lol.
  10. Final Bout west, do you know of it? Are you going? I'll see you there!! For those that don't know, it's a drift event at Pats Acres near Wilsonville, this weekend on Sunday. I'm going to staying up there and in Portland for a few days, I would love to meet some of you Ratsun peeps and talk Datsun! I'll bring in n out stickers lol
  11. Ahhhh I see, so as a general rule of thumb: Things that articulate: rubber Things that aren't supposed to move: polyurethane
  12. Just curious, how is rubber better than polyurethane? Aside from the hardness. Although the they make different hardnesses for Poly, and if I were OP I would get some 60A stock and make my own
  13. Here's the parts diagram, should be parts 21-27 http://www.carpartsmanual.com/datsun/pickup-1972-1979/axle/front-suspension/from-aug-77 Note: this is for trucks made from August of 77 on
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