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Panasport wheels ( How to Know Offset? )

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If they were on your wagon they must be like +11MM or so. Someone will chime in and tell ya what all the stamp marks mean.


But if you want to sell them I know a fucker that might want them.

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Wheel Offset is the difference between the flange and the wheel centerline.




Lay wheel flat on the ground (outside face down). You can also do this with tire mounted if it is aired up.

Lay straitedge or straigt 2x4 across it, measure to the ground.

Measure down to the flange back face


Subtract the two measurements

offset = (distance to flange) - (1/2 width)

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Panasport doesn't stamp the old wheels ,, , , the new ones have stickers,,, so I guess they "still" don't stamp wheels



.... If my 16x8 Panasport measures 16x9 .... and the back-space is 4.5" .... . . it's not a zero offset 16x9 ..... :rolleyes:

.... Then you cant measure, try again :P maybe + or- a few mm but if a wheel measuers 9 wide and 4.5 back spacing, its 0 offset, dont confuse the kids.
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Measure backspace as mentioned above. I'm pretty sure those would be a 15x6.


Take measurement and consult attached chart. Bob's your uncle.





This is the fucker I was telling you about in my last post. :lol:

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