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Early 1974 260z has been stolen

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Here is a picture of my beloved car. It was a father/son project that meant zoo much to me. It was stolen right at noon on the 12th of December in Auburn Washington right in front of Auburn High School. If seen, notify police immediately. Plate # is 261-ZVD. I absolutely love my car and just want it back. My christmas is half ruined already..



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The more info we have, the more likely it is to be found!

More pics, specifications and such will be easier to spot in the event that it's turned hands.


Sorry to hear that another Datsun has been stolen and I hope that it is found! And hopefully in one piece.


With something that modified, I would start hitting up speed shops around the area to see if anybody has tried to part it out and find buyers.

They will also easily spot it being car-nuts and all.





I'll keep an eye out, I highly doubt it's down here in Southern Oregon but it'll be easy to spot if it is!

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Thanks everybody. Wheels were XXR 527 in 17x8.25 and 17x9.75. Tires were Federal 595 245/45 in back and 215/45 front. inside, I had brown vintage Corbeau racing seats, a nice Kenwood stereo deck, and a big and bulky sub box with a single 10" ken wood sub in it. I also had a BRE spoiler and MSA flares. Drilled and slotted rotors in the front adlong with an MSA type 1 air dam. I'm just glad I didn't do the 5.0 swap yet..

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Well if it is spotted, count on it being recovered!


If there is a type of person that can spot a type of car, it's a Datsun dude spotting Datsuns. And that's a damned fact!


What was the original paint color, or was it stripped and repainted satin black?


Keep your eye out on eBay and Craigslist, some people are actually dumb enough to steal something and start selling it right away for a quick buck.

And a lot of people don't think to check there!


Hope you get it back soon. Welcome to Ratsun, btw. :)

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Sorry for your loss. Sucks for sure


BTW, did you have to run wheel spacers with those XXR rims? I have been looking at the 16 X 8.25 O offset ones for my 280-Z


Hope you get your car back. I had a 240 stolen and abandoned once it ran out of gas.



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Very good! Glad you have it back. From the other that was stolen, definitely not a market for old Datsun parts, just opportunistic thieves taking what might be sellable or usable. I'd still check cl for those parts being sold. Thieves are stupid.

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Time to watch for flares and spoiler to pop up on ebay or craigslist. Really when u steal a older freaking car, its hard to get rid of parts, specially rare ones like that.


This is why i always suggest to people, initial your stuff on your cars. Take a dremel, or something sharp, the back of a item like inside a bumper, behind a air damn, and then etch ur name or initials in the part. If they sand down the area if they notice it, at least you still know it was yours where they sanded it at. I fucking hate theives, go buy your shit and work for it like the rest of us pathetic peices of shit.

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