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  1. craZee

    Madkaw’s 71

    Beautiful Z. What parts are you using for EFI?
  2. Sure wish this wasn't so close on the calendar to JCCS. Fun show
  3. Time Left: 4 days and 21 hours

    • FOR SALE
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    NOS (new old stock) Rayjay 302B25. CL ad here https://sandiego.craigslist.org/esd/pts/d/el-cajon-rayjay-turbo/6891224709.html


    El Cajon, California - US

  4. Time Left: 1 day and 8 hours

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    Fiberglass front flared fenders, rear mold in flares and chin spoiler. Like new condition CL ad here https://sandiego.craigslist.org/esd/pts/d/el-cajon-datsun-510-fender-flares/6877838257.html


    San Diego, CA

  5. T56 Magnums seem to be the transmission of choice if you are going for 3 pedals. You honestly don't need the power of an LS3 for a daily driver. 300-325 HP at the rear wheels will be plenty, and is pretty easily obtained from an LS1 with some simple mods Check with JCI to see if there parts will fit 260's. I have never owned a 260, so I don't know the differences
  6. I was in the airport on my way to the Monterey Historic races last year when a guy in line behind me noticed my Datsun shirt and started talking to me. He was telling me about the 510s he had before and asked me if I had ever seen on the internet where some "stupid guy put an S2000 engine in a 510"? I asked him if it was yellow and white and he said" yes, so you have seen it?" To which I answered, "yes, I am the stupid guy that built it" LOL Ran into him at JCCS about a month later and it was all cool
  7. craZee

    So Cal Datsun event

    I will be there Saturday and Sunday with my newest aquisition a genuine Scarab 240Z. Come check it out!
  8. craZee

    Pic's of your Z

    Here is a 72 240Z I am just finishing up. It has an LS1/T56 swap, Recaro seats, Auto-power roll bar, R-200 LSD with CV half shafts and electric power steering. 275-50-17 rear, 245-45-17 fronts. Blue is a Chrysler blue pearl coat. Vintage heat and air partially installed
  9. I have done a few 240Z LS swaps. I get the parts from Johns Cars. Same company as Jags that run. Good fitment and super affordable If you get an LS1/T56 combo from an F body (camero, firebird, GTO) you are good to go. Shifter location is perfect 300hp is plenty in these cars. Super fun
  10. This is a cool event to attend. Went last year for the first time, and will be going this year for sure.
  11. Hello Everyone, VARA and GroupZ are hosting a very special event paying tribute to the racing history of the legendary Z carJanuary 19-20 2019Auto Club Speedway Fontana Ca. This is your chance to see vintage Z cars in action and meet the drivers who race them, show off your Z, test your car and skills in AutoX, tour the race track in your car, reconnect with old friends and make new ones.Gate Fee will be $15 per person good for Sat and Sun Track Tours $20 each day Event Shirt $15 Dash Plaque /Event Poster $5 Car Show Entry to be eligible for Trophies $25For a special weekend pass that includes all the above for $50 go to https://www.vararacing.com/california-speed-fest and mail in your registration or sign up through the link to Motorsportsreg on the VARA website. Note this offer is preregistration only so don't wait!If you want to see the most on track action, come out Saturday to witness all the VARA classes race and get yourself on the track with the lunch time track toursSunday will be all about the Z with a special pre lunch tribute race, special lunch time track tour and after lunch car show and race award ceremony.The pits will be open to spectators and food trucks and Racing and Z car vendors will be on site as wellA detailed weekend schedule will be available soon from VARAAn AutoX will be available both days on site inside the Speedway hosted by Speed Ventures. to register go to:http://speedventures.com/events/eventdetail.aspx?id=758For questions about the car show, contact ian@groupz.com
  12. I bought a 280-Z with a duel pick up electronic ignition distributor in it. The PO had ripped all of the wiring out and I am trying to figure out how to wire this to a stock coil. There are three wires, red, brown and green. The green wire goes to both pick-ups and the red and brown wires to one pick-up each. Anyone have experiance with this? Thanks
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