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2500 pounds of 4 wheel drive furry !

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well after daily driving the 1200 for the last 6 months I decided I needed a better winter daily driver . The 1200 is fun and handles great in the rain but being pushed around on a windy day when its pouring at 530 in the morning gets a little old.

So I started looking for a 4x4 720 and I found one I wanted in my price range. I was all set to buy it when city hunter calls me up and says! hay you want that 323 the I bought that other day I have too many cars and want to buy a evo. I said hell yes!


So rewind to about a month a go.

I was searching Craig's list and I came a cross a mazda 323 gtx for 1000 and i wanted it so bad but had no cash at that . I had just dropped some money to get the sr in my dime and was broke after that.

Shaun saw the car and i went with him to look at it. we get there and the guys tells us the issues with the car and how it was his buddys car for years and he had bought it to use to drive back and forth to the mountain(mt.hood) then he tells us the issues it has. The front right wheel bearing is making noise and it has no 2nd 4th or revers but you can click it in to gear in the trans but not with the shifter. So we take it for a drive get a block a way from the house and hit the dif lock button (its pouring rain out side at this point) we pull up to the stops sign with the diff's locked and he punch's it we both sink back in to our seats look at each other and go holy shit! neither of us was expecting it to pull like that. we turn around i tell him if you dont buy it loan me the cash and i will buy it. so he purchased the car and it sat in the drive way for a month. Now i own a 323gtx


there where only 5000 of these maid in 88 and 89 only 1243 where released in the us. mazda had to build 5000 of these to be able to race the gtx in group A rally. the car has 1.6 dual cam turbo charged 4 cylinder weigh's 2500 pounds and is 4 wheel drive


then i was poking around on the net trying to find who used to own this car and i found a guy who owned it a while back and pm'd jim and he sent mr this message

. I haven't owned that car in a while. Before I sold it it got new factory pistons, rings, ported head. It also had a modified ECU so I could run 14 psi, with a hybrid turbo. T bird intercooler, manual boost controller. I Think I put a walbro in that car, I've owned a couple GTX's and can't remember everything about all of them. I think that one got tokikos from a golf in the front and mr2 turbo inserts in the rear, ground controll coil overs. Short shifter. And ???? call me if you want


so my dad came over yesterday and he helped me figure out that one of the shift cables is shredded that's why i cant get in to the down gears in the gtx . so once i get the bearings and shifter cabkes fixed and register it i will be daily driving it . it almost pulls as hard as my 510.




















:P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P

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Im not very happy with you right now :angry:


man Ive wanted one of those forever nice score bud!


I have always wanted one also. I never thought i would own one. Next time your up here let me know we can roll it.


I cant decide if i want the used set of shifter cables for 150 (money is tight) or hold out and wait for new ones for 250

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thats what i was wondering gg zilla i am wondering if a rear wheel drive miata trans will bolt to one of these engines. it would kick ass in a 1200 or 510



They should, but you'll have to do some changes... Being honest though be cheaper to slap a turbo on a miata 1.6 as you can buy them for little to nothing... If you want the 1.8 BP from the miata you can nab one out of a Ford Escort GT

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Nice I did some digging on these the other day to see if it would be good chasis swap under a F-10 body. Alas the rear track width is like 10 in wider than a F-10. Dig it though!

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