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KA24e into a 620


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would the truck ka be better for the car swap as well considering its rear sump? no flipping the x member?


I've looked under 1 610 (very rare rigs) the suspension seems 100% the same as a dime. That being said (if I'm correct, it was raining and the car was lowered..) The truck rear sump pan still interferes with the steering link on a dime if you just drop the engine in using the factory mounts. Rear sump is the way to go if you don't plan on doing rack and pinion.

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ok so I have an odd question, if i have a car KA is it possible to put the truck oil pan on it? I am seriously thinking about putting a KA into the 521

It won't work. Truck and car blocks are different.

I've been working on a s14 KA swap into my 521 .I did some measurements and it seems that the pans clears the cross member but might have to modify the steering rod.

Once I get my cherry picker I'll confirm this.

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That orange 620 had a car KA in it with a truck pan. The dip stick no longer works and you have to beat the fuck out of it to get it to fit. Besides that it works :D


ratsun style...so how do you check the oil:lol:

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s13 240sx's came with either a single cam or dual KA, the ka24e(single cam) is years from 89-90. Ka24de(dual cam) is in all 240sx's from 91-97 varrying body shapes but virtually the same engine. The ka24e used in the 240sx is the same as ALL truck blocks including the frontier. They share all the same attributes and can interchange parts from eachother.


The 91-97 KA24de's block share nothing except physical dimensions like bearing sizes, bore, pistons, rods, and a few other things can interchange.


Now far as oil pan swapping goes only car ka24e, truck ka24e, and truck ka24de(frontier) can swap oil pans. The only problem is the dipstick problem but that can be resolved with a drill. peace.

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so the 10' fan theres no issue of overheating cuz here in so cal it can get pretty damn hot in the summer....

When I had the L16 I was running a Rabbit radiator and a 10' fan in between the grill and the rad. Never overheated during the hot SoCal weather.

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I got a good deal on a Ka24DE from an 96 s14. I know I will have to do some pan modifications to get it all to work. Will this be a good place to start?



I know some tweaking will be necessary to get it to fit, but is it worth buying?

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