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KA24e into a 620


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Why will NO rack fit into a 620. I am considering this conversion, along with several others. Yes I know that the entire steering column has to change, but i can deal with that. Is there a width problem? Clearance problem somewhere?




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we dry fitted a zcar rack up there once and it came damn close to being the right length for a rack conversion. Also, the zcar guys are upgrading to a subaru rack which is actually narrower slightly and the tie rods need to be lengthened to work in the z-car, plus its a power rack! Another small good power rack is the one found in mustang 2's and 80's t-birds/ fox box's. peace.

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ok we need some pics for comparison because the z car one was damn close if i remember right. Also, what about the tiny ass racks used in the nissan pulsars? 84-89? Those things had MAD steering angle and loojed like geo racks! peace.

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This is the 240sx ka24e right? If so you could just get an oil pan from a frontier or pick one up from a hardbody but the HB one you will have to modify to clear the main bearing girdle. On top of all this the pickup tube just bolts right on and in the proper location. peace.

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you could always mount the A/C compressor facing rearward. Mount it to the fender-well somewhere out of the way, just need a longer belt and a custom bracket.


If it was facing rearward it would run backwards plus it won't work on the fender-well there is too much engine movement. The belt would be too tight or too loose. It has to be physically mounted to the engine block so that it moves with it. It can be done.

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that's what solid motor mounts are for!!


Didn't think about the spinning backward problem. damn.


Either way, I have faith that it can be done. It's just a matter of putting out the extra effort. At least you don't have to worry about power steering :D

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I've always been confused when it comes to starters. I used the original starter off the rusty car on my KA, its an 37 year old factory starter and it still working (I can tell its on its way out) I think the starter has to match the tranny. But I don't really know, I just start test fitting :D Its nice having a box full of random nissan starters.

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I am positive you will have to use the 240sx starter because the bolts go through the tranny and thread into the starter on your setup. The truck starter isn't threaded so they go through the starter and thread into the tranny. Theres is no emmission BS on the KA other than an EGR valve, if you wish to disable it then unbolt it. Then cut the pipe of that leads to the exhaust manifold, cut it in the middle and just slide off both nuts. Then dig in your pockets for 6 cents, put the nickle in the egr sides nut and tighten it down. Secondly put the penny in the manifold port and tighten that nut in. Lastly bolt back on the EGR valve and make a block off plate later if you dont like it being there. peace.

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