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  1. Really loving the new classifieds!
  2. There is a guy over at z31performance.com selling a dizzy right now that will work for you. I have also modified older vac advance dizzy's to work in vg's, not all that difficult to do.
  3. http://www.c7carbon.com/new-products/index-2
  4. It was the first year you brought your 68 2 door down and I think Bleach had just gotten his 350z. Those are like the only things I remember from that show. lol! The intake looked just like how a z32 intake manifold looks only it was fabricated instead of being a cast piece.
  5. So, a few years back at Canby someone was selling an intake manifold for a vg30e that was designed like the z32 intake manifold. I was wondering if anybody remembered it or new where it ended up? If ya do I would like to purchase this unit! Thanks in advance guys!
  6. Height doesnt/wont matter its how far out the timing cover sticks out. Also how close the top lip comes to the same width. Its actually best to start with which ever cover is designed for the bottom end you choose. You will still have to cut and machine three pieces to make it work. At least that's what I have found.
  7. Yeah, the FWD altima head is the way to go! I have some cut up timing covers because I was playing with this idea. The altima upper cover and a modified frontier lower was the route I was going. Plus the coolant port gets put in the right area to continue running the L-series radiator. Peace.
  8. Didn't realize the m-30 mounted the starter on the bellhousing like the z32's. I thought it was traditional style like the z31's and pickups. The bellhousing will just unbolt off a z31 3n71b or 4n71b auto and should transfer over over to a newer RE040A like your M30 has. They're all an 8 bolt pattern but I don't know for sure if the pump case diameter is the same. Tigard pick n pull has two z31's right now ones a turbo 4n71b and the others an n/a 3n71b. I would go pull the bell housing off one of those cars and give it a shot. I have a z32 auto bell but I am positive its going to offer you the same problem your having now.
  9. YIKES! That's more expensive than drives for some newer SIEMENS controls! Who makes it? Ever tried CNC save?
  10. ummm, they're maps are identical and they ALL have rev limiters. The ONLY thing that can change fuel maps are the dependencies on the CHTS. For instance, my 87 and older Z's relied heavily on the CHTS but the 88's and up dont. As a matter of fact they don't hardly care about it at all and its part of the increase in HP too for the later Z's. I have owned roughly 8 z31's over the years but I am in no way an expert on them. This is just the info I have personally experienced and dealt with over the years. peace.
  11. yeah, they're real money makers when they're WORKING but IMO the control is its biggest setback. Its easy once you get used to it but its NOTHING like I have used before. Looks like I may have to just rebuild the electric brake attached to the back of the drive motor. I just hope it wasn't energized long enough to burn up the motor; well see! Oh ya when I opened it up I found a RENCO encoder on the shaft. My old co-worker worked and designed encoders for RENCO so he is hooking me up with replacement parts!! I wish everytime a machine broke it worked out this way. lol!
  12. auto or 5 speed ecu's make zero difference. You can just bolt up the 5 speed transmission without any probs. My 87 was originally an auto and is currently rocking a t-5 but its making noise and making room for a z32 transmission. Good luck with the swap and post pics!! p.s check out courtesy nissans site they have pilot bearings available instead of the crappy bronze bushing pilots! peace.
  13. Hey guys! I just finally got my machine tooled up this week and started a production run only to have one of my drive motors lockup on me! It was in the middle of a drilling cycle when it gave up the ghost too. I have the machine wholesaler looking into repairing it right now. Anyway, heres some pics of it when I first put it into the garage. After the motor is fixed I will have some vids of me making some parts. Stats: 12" +/- of X travel 7" of Z travel 5hp motor C-axis(spindle indexing) control but no brake yet 1/2 center height 5000 rpms max. 1 1/16" thru bore FAGOR 8025 control
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