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280Z + VG30ET project I'm working on.


L28 ran fine, but was low on compression. I can rebuild it. I have the technology. But I had this idea at one point to put a VG in an S30 so I'm going to see how it works out.


Soon after I got it and replaced the OE wheels.



Too soon after I got it running I decided to make it not run




L had 3" all the way back, healthy mix of stainless and non-stainless. Also "3 inch" resonator works well but flows bad. I will keep it similar with the VG.



Mounts more or less complete. The engine is in. Ride height is fubar at the moment.



Making the heater core lines work, and some fuel line stuff. Hope my flywheel never explodes.



Transmission kind of just fit, so did the driveshaft. Lucky me.



EFI stuff is megasquirt-II with extra code, 550cc injectors.



What I am currently working on, the manifolds. It's taking forever to get it right.



Just recently got the drivers side to my satisfaction, just need to tack it all up.




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Thanks for the comments.

I've been waiting for about a month for some apparently special 2-3/8" v-band assemblies, and I am told they shipped out, so I will be able to complete the manifolds and hopefully have this thing runnable soon.


man you could put like two turbos in frount and no one would know :cool: all under the hood


Well, yes, that's what I thought, but then you have to consider the 2 coolant pipes, exhaust piping, wastegate piping, exhaust manifolds, intake piping, charge piping, vacuum lines, oil feeds and returns, and anything else that needs to fit in there, then it seems to get really crowded. If I had more experience with SolidWorks, maybe. I'm having trouble deciding if the turbine inlet should face down or up, dictating where the manifolds have to be aimed. I've decided to finish the manifolds first--making them as short as possible--and then figure out the rest later. Really once the manifolds are made I can at least start the thing. I'm getting really anxious, since it's not been running in quite a while.


Looks good man I like the fab work. How easy is the megasquirt to work with? I will be running that on my truck. Keep it up and keep it the way you want.


Megasquirt is really easy with VGs. The main reasons being the optical CAS, distributed ignition, and easy to configure stock sensors (that is, the temperature and resistance values are published in the FSM).


For other cars, it depends. A friend and I had some (read: a lot of) trouble with a Miata we tried to megasquirt. We eventually got it. He eventually got 4 COP on that as well.


I only have experience with MS-II, I would like to get MS-III at somepoint, but MS-II is more than sufficient for this dumb motor. Except for the lack of extra sensor inputs and outputs, anyway.

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wow, it almost looks like you know what you're doing! :)


That is a really elaborate exhaust manifold.


Thanks, I'm learning as I go. I've made log manifolds before, but no tubular craziness. It's gotta snake around the brake master shield and shock tower. I also can't cut the bends on radius. Well I could try, but I think I would just be wasting my time, so I use complete bends and try to change the length of the straights to make it "work".


Nice work. What part of DFW are you in?



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Done with the driver's side manifold for now. Although I could have shifted how they entered the collector and shortened #6, I got tired of playing with it and just made it. Pretty happy about how it turned out, the collector is right where I need it for just 2 90s in to the secondary collector.





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Finished the stupid manifold. Huge PITA to weld the collector. Used up an entire bottle of argon for purging to make this side. Will buy them pre-fab'd next time. Still, total cost so far is $250 a side for these manifolds, plus labor.


#6 is polished off a bit because the welds suck.






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So I finished the manifolds, and I thought I'd show off:








"But it fit before I welded it..."




So far:



What happened to all that "space":



So, the manifolds are at the machine shop getting the flanges flat, and I'm only a little wiring away from starting it. Can't wait!


And if anyone thinks that I need a flex pipe in there, you are right.

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Come up here and do my intake for me. =D


Sick fabrication right there. I look at it, and all I can do is concentrate on how much time I would spend on buffing that whole thing out to a mirror...

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