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  1. stretch

    Beaverton Ratsun meets 2010/11

    So whats op for tonight
  2. stretch

    1971 521

    dude just swing into mac town one weekend and Ill help yah do it up at my shop! Ive got a nice pit so it can sit on the ground and it makes it way easy to get shit level :D
  3. stretch

    Project "Against the grain" turbo720 build

    hell yah!!!!!! :thumbup:
  4. stretch


    Have her deo some pics with your rig ;)
  5. stretch

    Sunkist 521 ka24e

    I think if its older then 25 years old you dont have to smog it :D
  6. stretch

    s30kids new 85 720

    That would be great :D
  7. stretch

    1972 521

    I thought I cleand it out. my B. when and where would you like to meet.
  8. stretch

    My 71 521

    Nice truck! welcome
  9. stretch

    s30kids new 85 720

    not the monster or the skeleton the other two
  10. stretch

    s30kids new 85 720

    where did you get those stickers? I need lol :D
  11. stretch

    mrbigtankers 521

    Dang!!! Props man this is goin to be SWEEEEEEET :thumbup: :thumbup:
  12. stretch


  13. stretch

    Nano's k-autic 620

    on my old 620 I only had 2 leafs. got it down low like :D
  14. stretch

    Sunkist 521 ka24e

    Ya you goin to hit everything with that.
  15. stretch

    mrbigtankers 521

    Very nice :thumbup: :thumbup:

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