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i got the car in the summer of 2004 for $50, it had been sitting in a carport since 89, started up fine with a new battery, coil and some fresh gas. Two of the old bias plys still held air so once i got the brakes unsiezed i put some 13" sentra tires/rims on the back and took it for a spin, no brakes or clutch resulted in me killing the original starter luckily i found a good one in a 210 for $35. I replace the clutch slave with a 620 one (kinda works only has one bolt) and cleaned the master to get the clutch working. The ebrake works awsome in this car so i drove it around my shop/yard for a year and a half with no brakes, but i decided to fix them to take the car to a show. I rebuilt the master with a 620 clutch masert rebuild kit and the brakes were working great, i took it to a show in 2006 and another in 2007, unfortunatly upon returning home in 07 i blew a rear wheel cylinder, luckily the ebrake still worked on one side and i made it home safily. Curently i have 2 different rebuild kits for the wheel cylinder i just need time to work on it.

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Very cool man! We sure don't see these every day- and $50! That is a steal of a deal!


Please post more pictures of this. I'd love to see a nice 3/4 with the hood down and a nice side shot!

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i was just thinking that a ca18 would be sweet in this from whyat i can see doesnt look like enough room for a ka or sr but a ca would be bad ass sweet car btw lol i wish i could find anothe 610 for that i need a parts car :P

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for now the car is sitting waiting for the brakes to be fixed, once thats done i will take it to a couple shows a year and slowly fix it up, i dont have the time or money to do anything else with it.

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haha well i do have an A-13 or 14 and an A series header, but i think il stock for now, it runs mint. btw mike you still looking for a 620 tailgate? im pickin one up this weekend i hope

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i just relized how out of date things are with this car i now have 2 1000's but no pics yeti will have to get some tommorrow after work. the original car is doing fine not much has changed got the brakes fixed up and stole the better seats out of my second car, the second car is more or less parts only since it didnt come with papers but i did get it running and the engine seems fine.

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