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  1. I have a z24 in my 720 and the original l20 from my 200 sitting in my shop. You are giving me ideas
  2. Hey scooter saw you cruising by skaha lake on Saturday morning. Car looks awesome. My brother lives there and always saw you around. He wants to know What engine are you running in your car
  3. Ya I am working on it. I can get it to run for a bit only if I pump the pedal. I think it needs a carb rebuild there must be a clog some where. I also have never seen another this is my first time seeing one
  4. Here is my first 200sx. Decent shape 1977
  5. so been doing a little work here and there on the 1000. found the gas tank in the newest 1000 is shot leaked gas all over the int and now its stinks. i bought a kb10 grill from australia for a wicked deal. i hope to get more done soon been stupid busy
  6. Will be getting the 2nd Datsun to my place this weekend so stoked. 1300 km trailer ride
  7. I cut up a headache rack off of an old dadge and fit it to my Datsun
  8. The parts truck has one. But I have a good in using for panel replace patches and I think it has the pass side so u may be lucky
  9. New rims and tires from my old pathfinder. Went fishing and my gf caught one fish and then the truck died so have a battery issue replaced terminals but think the alt died
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