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70 1000

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Fair enuff Mike, here a some current pics of the cars


hidden behind some random datsun parts/junk


last time the white one was on the road may 2010



the "new" drivers seat



the running engine


the parts car



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haha you would be the 6th person besides myself to have a car there, all is just an old chicken barn i thinks its something like 26' wide by 300' long


heres an outside pic from a couple years ago and thats only the back half

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Imported cars brining the value down? Remember, he's in Canada so those Fords and S10s are imported ... from Ontario.


yup Ontario the other country north of the states :lol:


uhmm Grahem that other 1000 would be cool as a racer for the shits and giggles :cool:

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lol the fords aren't mine, the green s10 is my 4x4 bush truck and the blue one is my winter beater, the red/black one got crushed years ago. the parts 1000 might end up with an a-13 if i get motivated but there are alot of other projects before that i should attend to.

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Love the 1000s, have a few of my own.



I have a third one with a rotary swap, but no pics.


For info on parts and repair try datsun1000.com

It's a small group of mostly Aussies, but there are a couple of Canadians and one American that I know of.

They have quite a lot of 1000s especially utes in Australia and New Zealand.



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Nice to see a thread bump on this. I love these cars! Funny, I have the first model Datsun 1000. A 1959. I was telling some british car guy how rare it was, and he pointed to this version of the 1000 as if to call BS on me! Totally different animal!

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The 1959 Datsun 1000 was a Bluebird, the first to be marketed as a Bluebird. The Datsun Sunny 1000 came in 1966 as a smaller, more affordable car than the Bluebird. Seems hard to imagine now, but at the time most familes in Japan could not afford a Datsun until the Sunny line came out. It was marketed as "my car" the first real 4-place car everyone could afford.

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hey there this is derrick from alberta i have the blue 1000 thats under going major work. id like to see more.

also the clutch master is the same as a 510 clutch master mine was buggered 2.


here is my car as of now



if you ever sell i will buy them off you i want to build 2 not to be greedy one original and one a little modified

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the clutch master is the same as a 510 clutch master

Clutch master? All the ones I've seen have mechanical clutch linkage. Maybe someone converted yours to hydraulic clutch linkage?


The brake master cylinder is the same as a Datsun 1200, however there are four different ones.

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i used a clutch master and slave off a 620 i think, the slave only has one bolt holding it on tho, i will keep you in mind if i decide to sell them apparently your brother has been to my shop to pick up some suzuki stuff.

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well im losing some of my shop space so the parts 1000 has been sold to derrick, its nice to know its going to a good home. As for my original car it had been sitting since 2010 and the brakes had locked up, i primed the carb and put a good battery in and it fired right up, I love this little car. I will post some pics of moving the parts car later tonight, space was tight so i got creative.

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here is what I started with


got my car running and moved back, then dollied/ pallet jacked the parts car out



by this time I was alone at my shop but I wanted to get the car outside so I had to improvise a bit





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