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projekt Left Hand...1971 datsun 521

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so i aint had time to work on my datto so helping my friend hans mason (jesus) with his 521


heres a couple pics of the start...






heres our trucks spooning..




jesus and his truck after blasting it..




jesus and i and him trying not to ruin a cab...







Cab on cart to fix a couple rusted places on cowl






front clip after sandblasting coated in epoxy primer powdercoat...




bed right after it fell off the cart...(to which jesus said i did on purpose...hmmm maybe..)



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frame went back to the blaster so we can start fabbing up some links and shit....down shifters coming over to help withthe engineering






got called down to old mans shop to help with a air bag issue..thought i would post up my mazda next o a sick ride for good measure...22's and fuel injected 6 cyl..1959 impala... makes me wanna work on my 60...)




thought i would be working on the 59 or a dually on bags ...turns out my 65 year old father bought this and the fab work is serviceable but radio wired up the valves and the rest....body dropped ext cab s 10.... gonna tear out and redo everything but the body drop







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Yeah thank you very much.... i run a cheapo ship mazdas and datsuns and apparently primer is my fav color........ my father..different story ...65 years old and parks his bagged and body dropped s 10 next to his paddle shift m6 on 22s..which took the place of his twin turbod c-5 corvette... that bmw and c5 that was twined are two of the fastest cars for the street i have ever driven..his boat collection...4, all blown injected big block from a 18 foot ski hydro flat bottom that will hit 140 to a 32' cobra catamaran running a blown 565 teague and cruises at 115 in rough water...i told him to spend it while he's here cause my sister and brother have eyes as big as plates, Me, I am just happy to be a part of his cool hobby and occasionally get to drive and work on them and be privi to his knowledge base...thats stuff is too high dollar for me...if i had even enough money to buy one of his toys i would probably just end up with like 17 510s and 8 521's and a 411 of some sort..i liked my dually but i never was in love with it like my datto and other ratty old rides...shit i dont even drive my late model gm truck that i spent all this time bagging and its the only truley shiney car i own... it just sits under cover next to the jet boat..and i try not to back into it..

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What do u mean hell yeah his 620 was pimp the way it sat all crooked and te gas tank was about to fall out. That shit was right on par with my projects. So no he isn't I thought t would get a good snicker

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What do u mean hell yeah his 620 was pimp the way it sat all crooked and te gas tank was about to fall out. That shit was right on par with my projects. So no he isn't I thought t would get a good snicker



:rofl: I did snicker, i just had to make sure man. Just trying to look out for ya.

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Yeah we use a dupont epoxy primer under anything that goes out side. Gates,hand rails, lighting fixtures, water jet machines.....it builds at about 2 mile and sands nice so instead of buying sealer primer... It blocks nice filler can go over it and u can go straight to high build primer... Plus he could get it home on a open trailer and it would be protected till paint work starts.... We do alot of street rod body's and sheetmetal parts this way....works awesome, block it with 180 and go

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left hans got a set of titans for his 521 brought them by for mock up asked if i could through them on the mazda to mock up some inner fender wells...drove it for a day or two never realized the rim not the tire was rubbing the bed oooppps rubbed all the coating off them...we got a dope color set up for them here at work , thank god i can powdercoat anything frame is in process, pics to follow, did a awesome theme color on enginne compnonents and 520 dash and maybe the frame working on him to let the theme carry through out...


oh and incase you care boat is at pinstripers for outlines and lettering then back home this weekend for its final bath in clear coat, cut and rub it and ready for a big block ford....(sigh says the gm guy...)

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he is tstill working oin his first time body work so i havent had much time on the frame for the bags yet...but did get the lift on my wifes blazer its been a year of breakage for me....4 sp in datsun....front diff in above blazer.....rear diff in mazda.....429 big block ford in my jet boat....furnace in house....grrrr



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yeah typical ford oil pump casting broke then hit crank and broke the rod and then it had a sword fight with everything in the pan...


wish i dhad a pic of the datto with the infinti rims that are on my mazda on it ... it was fucking sick but i cant afford another set of 18" tires


were putting a set (infinitis, i traded for the titans that are now white on my mazda...) on left hanz truck that i sold him too... yeah u sound like my wife ...why do you have two sets of the same rims... so now i have a set of titans and infinitis,... although i custom machined the hubs on the titans so they would fit under my stock mazda sheet metal... took about 3/8 off the hub and they still run out super true

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When I was younger i had a friend that had a jet boat powered by a l20.....suprisingly stout and could hit 45 easliy and was indestructable....scrapped finishing the boat this year just got back the motor from machine shop and dont feel like thrashing to get it done....gotta get back on left hand now that the shop is clear of space and i can get ahead of his painter....


lately i have been pineing for a sr20det 4 dr 510. i dont know why but i have the itch for one....gots some pics i am gonna load of progress oh and i dropped city lights in the 521 with h 4 housings for a hid project...

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well i been tinkering away on the 521 frame about ready to start fab....but something interesting came up...

i got this buddy who has been telling me about this 2dr 510 he has had and he has taken it to east coast and moved it to california when he came back out here....car was original from cali...then moved up here and its been sitting for ten years...so he decides he wants a wagon and wants to know what his 2dr is worth... mind you i been looking for a nice 4 dr for a while now....so i tell chris hey get it running and bring it in and i will give you a idea....


so one day headed back from lunch i see this clean 2dr on panasports up ahead of me ... well i miss the first light... then drive my little mazda like a criminal insearch of a car chase to try and catch him... i am weaving and speeding double over...cant find him finally i see him when i am almost to my work...and i notice he is going to my shop....yeah!!!! i didnt get a ticket...well its chris and he is driving one of the cleanest rust free all intact 1971 510 i have seen in person...front and rear apron are dentless and perfect...all the original interior is intact and in good shape...all the upper and lower stainless has not one ding in it....its got a dent in the front fender and thats it....mind u i have that very front fender i my posession but in red so i could have a complete car... so we talk it up for a bit he thinks is car is worth less then what it is.... man i like chris nice older asian guy but i cant let him not get what its worth for it...so in the mean time i am wondering inmy mind if i can own this .... man i want it its so nice...but i got my jet boat to finish and a fence at my house and some other costs coming up so i reluctantly cant buy it... then i remember left hans always wanted another 510 i send him a pic and he says for me to buy it ... i say i cant...i want to but i cant.. he offers to help with the dough.. but i know if i bring home another car right now it better have a bed in it....to sleep i not haul stuff...so i call hans back andtell him he should buy it one of us has to own this car its too nice... he is about to have a baby so he think for a minue then goes and looks at it since he only saw pics and ultimately he buys it for a fair price for what it is .. .mind we coulda got it for cheaper but chris is a super nice guy and i dont wanna cheat a fellow datsun lover...so here it is these wheels are gone chris kept them for a mini cooper






so hans picked this up its already a bare roller some how he talked me into squirting a quick paint job on this....he order full troy ermish coilovers for it , full new rubbers for it and four wheel disc brakes and a set of 16" konig rewinds, a set of s2000front seats and a carbon fiber chin spoiler...and int he process of looking for a lsd for it...

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the car has no door dings the bumpers are in great shape the l20 with a weber runs perfect its got a nice 5 sp in it came with 280 z struts and some other misc parts...its such a nice car i cant belileve it ... he hasa ton of super nice crap for it besiude the ermish stuff....i am powdercoating all the suspension fo rit and i think the bumpers and grill but i am still trying to convince him to leave them chrome...


i did get one nice svcore this month datsun wise though.....got this for free ....60k with a automatic....ka24 dohc everything but the maf





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So not much going n right now with the left hand...just been aquiring parts as the budget allows.....so instead since i am wating for my money tree to bloom again i been spending some time helping hans with the 510 i found for him ... he went from building a driver to spending his unborn daughters college fund building a new datsun....heres the progress i thought i would share ...


heres how it came to me as a buyable car....unfortunately i spent my money on a boat ...






heres what happeneed with in a week of deciding it was more than a daily driver...




heres it epoxied and ready for blocking...






this is after the first block an after deciding once a clock hits double digits in the hour its safe to drink beer...WHAT, it wsas 10 am....anyway i got a little artsy with the guide coat...






ready for wet sanding and color after three blocks....




this is his datsun 521 truck that we started about 6 months and he is having a work friend do the paint work so far we lapped the trucks progress in about two weeks time ...sounds like we will end up finishing it after this 510.... doesnt matter i havent even started the frame fab work after i saw how long the rough out took....i am cuting out frame plates and some other stuff as i havge time





....stoppped and loaded up some firewood as per wifes request whilewating between coats...




and why we call Hans, Jesus ....striking resemblance and i think he actually is starting to think he is jesus...pictured here with his faithful disciple jake....10 years old this year...




the parts he sold his kidney for .....all new coilovers by troy ermish... all new braking system... subaru lsd...new set of wheels same as pic above just 16's instead of the 14s


This car will run the stock l20 2 liter for now with dual sidedrafts but the future will hold a sr20 det for it...dohc turbo charged motor...plan iws a street driver that we can take to the ridge motor sports park and run some laps ...since its right down the street from his house...






all new and ever rubber gasket for the car... not exactly what i would soend a grand on but still cool...






thats what i will spend my 4 day weekend on.... plan is thursday morn at 5 am ....jam the car..... friday morn wet sand out side clean shop and re mask body to the floor and sat paint outside...then sunday wetsand color smooth with 1000grit and re apply color either later that day or monday morn...early...


happy thanksgiving to all... i will post some more pics .. .incase this interesting to any...


i am still on the hunt for a real clean 510 wagon to make a daily driver / track car...got my motor trans sittin here ready....just havent found the right wagon yet... oh andmy wife says i gotta pedde something to make room for anything new... :x

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