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  1. burrito213

    "The Blue Burrito"

    cool thanks. :D no, i had a generator before but since i now have a petronix kit in the dizzy i figured to add the alternator.
  2. burrito213

    "The Blue Burrito"

    i have an alternator too. off a 94 saturn i believe. would i have to take the take the starter to a shop and switch it?. i assume i would just mickey mouse the wiring to get it to work. after the starter, everything else should be negative ground. sweet looking U320 Wayno :thumbup:
  3. burrito213

    bodydropped 320

    i would love to see this truck in person.
  4. burrito213

    "The Blue Burrito"

    i just dont know where to begin... the easiest thing to say is, lets get back to work i know i may find it eventually (misplaced wiring harness) but i was interested in buying a "rebel wiring" harness and re-doing the wiring in the truck. my question is, are the guages and starter 12v positive ground? --- there may be an easy way to find out but i was just wondering so i can wire them seperately. i know there isnt much to the nl320 wiring but i would like to re-do the tail light wiring as my dog that has most recently passed away used them as a chew toy. thanks for the help. (and if you were worndering, yes my truck was on craigslist for a short while. i lost my house and was put in to an uncomfortable situation. i had no real options during that time in my life. i am still not out of the woods yet but for the moment i get to keep my truck.) i wish and hope everyone is doing well. looking forward to picking up where i left off. ;)
  5. burrito213

    Eagle Rock Datsun Nippon Swap meet and car Show Nov 10 2013

    You know in NHRA, they tear down and rebuild the engine every race :)
  6. burrito213

    Eagle Rock Datsun Nippon Swap meet and car Show Nov 10 2013

    Right now, any year..... Garage wall art.
  7. burrito213

    Eagle Rock Datsun Nippon Swap meet and car Show Nov 10 2013

    Anyone still have that roadster hood? Please pm me with price and info...maybe a pic too Thank you. I have parts too... I'll look in the garage this weekend
  8. burrito213

    12v pos. ground to 12v neg. ground

    hi Thomascain - you know, i see these dates and it is technically a time stamp from the last time i had 100% motivation on my truck. time passed, finances dwindled, and interest became limited... i have bought a lot of parts since then but have not any updates as far as wiring and install. but the motivation is coming back. just need time now. i did however buy a new Alt. and had to fabricate parts from a bracket from a billet chevy bracket kit i bought off ebay. i had to buy a bigger belt from Napa auto but so far it looks good too. i have a pic but will have to dig it up. thanks for bumping this thread. i will add it to my archive and update it when i make the full conversion.
  9. burrito213

    Billy Bob Custom's Datsun NL320

    this truck is pretty kewl. :thumbup:
  10. burrito213

    Sickest 320 in the North America......

    dude, you are putting a clinic on how to build a 320. no rattle can on this job!.... great work :thumbup:

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