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Datsun 620 Intermittent Wiper Conversion


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First I must say, I dont know of a safe way to remove and reinstall the fiber optic cable into the switch, so you do this at your own risk.


At your local Pick and Jerk


First you will need to find a 79 Datsun King Cab that has the Intermittent wipers in it from factory (Some 78 king cabs also have them). I found this set from a 78 KC today.


On the passenger side kick panel you will find a little box with six wires plugged in it, this is the delay box. Take the delay box, the complete sub-harness from the delay box to the switch and the switch. The harness should come out fairly easily as it is only held under the dash by aluminum tabs, just bend them down and pull the harness out.


When you have it all out, this is what you should have....




Now you will need two more things...

1st you will need to cut the plug off the internal harness of the truck that plugs into the sub harness which looks like this, but cut it high up so you have plenty wire attached to the plug for later use.... The plug looks like this.... (This plug is near the Wiper Switch)




Second you need either the plug from your old wiper switch or the plug that we can use from the Emergency Flasher Switch. The plug looks like this.... Again leave enough wire on it.... I suggest using the one from the Emergency Flasher Switch so you still have your stock switch intac for backup reasons....






So that we are not modifying any internal wiring on our trucks, we will use the two plugs we cut out earlier to make an adapter.


We will be using the coloring code of the wiper system to do this... Since the plug for your stock end (the plug from the emergency flashers) dont have the same colors, a diagram below will show you the color configuration or you can look under your dash at your harness end and figure it out. The view of this diagram is from the wire side of plug, not the pin side, so the wires will be facing you with the indentation upward. Connect the wires of your First plug we got earlier to the second plug. IE: Yellow wire on plug 1 goes to the top right wire on plug 2. The solid blue wire on plug 1 goes to the right middle wire of plug 2 etc... If all is done correct, you should have one wire on each plug not connected!




If you got the plugs like I got from the Emergency Flasher Switch, my Yellow wire on plug 1 went to the solid blue wire on plug 2, so that should give you the idea.


Now the two wires you have left, we need to do something with them! The wire on plug 2 that I had left over was a solid darker green wire, just cut that dude off at the base of the plug.


Now the wire you have left over on Plug 1 should be a blue/red wire and will be needed to power the delay box. You will need a Quick Splice for this. Quick Splice the Blue/Red Wire to the Blue/Black Wire! When you are all done, your new adapter should look like this..... (My solid green wire on plug 2 hasn't been hacked off yet in this pic)




Plug the adapter into your existing harness and then into the sub-harness. Reinstall the wiper switch and delay box and, WooHoo! You got Factory Intermittent Wipers!!!



Hope this helps all you 620 peeps!!!


I might also add, if your Datsun 620 is a 78 or 79, you might not need the adapter, just plug it in and play, but you will still need to run the Red/Black wire to a HOT source when ign is on.


Added below Info:


I tried this on another switch, use a small drill bit to drill out the crimps on the switch to feed the fiber optic cable back through. You may have to clip the end of the cable to remove any stray fragments which will cause the cableing to hang up inside.


You will be drilling the crimp out from the side of the shaft, not through the center of it. Tip of drill bit should be the same size as the indentation of the crimp mark. Do not go all the way through the whole shaft, you will need to do both sides. The crimp marks are offset!

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The intermittent system for these trucks have a 4 position push-pull switch. They are not adjustable like we are used to on newer cars. One speed does it all. But the switch on a stock setup without intermittent wiper is 3 pos, where the intermittent switches pulls out three clicks (OFF, INT, Low, High). The first click is INT, Second is Slow, third is High.


The Delay box is located on the right kick panel by where the would be knee shelf would bolt. So it is very obvious by pulling the switch out if it has Intermittent wipers (3 Clicks)... :-)

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And to supplememnt the original posters wiring conversion harness. 1976 and later trucks do not need to build this sub harness. The intemittent subharness plugs right in, however you have to add on more wire power wire into the factory dash harness.


I will try to write better details on this additional wire when i feel better, or PM me about it.

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Is there a way to make this work on a 510?


Yes, exactly the same way. I put it in my Datsun 1200. Just get the amplifier (black box) some extra connectors and wire it up.


The amps are very common, there are 1-duration boxes (like the 620 box) in many Datsun 210s. There are also 2-duration slow/fast boxes (which need another switch position) and variable-duration boxes which could be used with the 620 switch. These come in early 1980s Datsuns like S110 200SX or B11 Sentra. But I haven't yet found a handy variable switch to fit the dash to make the variable box work.


I'm using the 2-speed intermittent box on the fast intermittent as I found the stock 620 box too slow.


But after all this is said and done you could simply buy a universal $30 Hella intermittent switch, which is variable.

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And to supplememnt the original posters wiring conversion harness. 1976 and later trucks do not need to build this sub harness. The intemittent subharness plugs right in, however you have to add on more wire power wire into the factory dash harness.


I will try to write better details on this additional wire when i feel better, or PM me about it.



Supplementing your supplement regarding 76 and up 620's, I recently found the intermittent system at the PNP and plugged it into my 77 620 this afternoon. The only difference is the main wire harness female plug has 5 wires and the inter/switch sub-harness is a 6 wire, with a blue with red stripe wire in the 6th position. I assume this is switched power as there are 2 blue w/reds going to the relay box. I ran out of daylight, but it looks like pulling the male spade out of the connector and running a single wire from switched power will do the job, and be easy and clean. I'll update when done.

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The extra wire that you need is super easy to add to the connector and in the factory application it uses the constant power(key hot) wire that goes from the fuse box to the wiper motor. I added about twelve inches of wire to do this in mine, since the wiper motor power wire runs under the dash directly behind the wiper switch. I just opened up the harness right behind the switch, soldered in my new piece, and sealed the harness back up. Everything else is plug-n-play.

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If you have a pulse delay wiper amplifier the resistance is fixed at a set delay time between wipes. If you can find it and insert a variable resistor you can set your own delay rate.  OR If you have a Nissan pulse delay you can swap in a variable delay amplifier and add your own two wires to a variable resistor.

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I read all DX had these so a 78-79 620 DX may have one too. It will be a single cab but will have a 3 spoke Datsun steering wheel 
Does anyone have a pic of the resistors or a bad box? I can reproduce these boxes and add adjustable delay with the correct resistor info.
I am pretty sure the pot needs to go where R-3 is. It will be easier to build with a 555 timer chip. I have everything needed to make these.
Does anyone have a bad unit they want to sacrifice ?
One that is not burnt, I need to be able to read the resistors.

image.thumb.jpeg.8c965a1708fcc8693c26ec86a2d54378.jpegPicture 2 of 4

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Only the '79 DX (king cab) had the intermittent wiper amplifier. I believe it was a fixed delay and not adjustable.


The '80 KC had fixed delay wipers but from '81 on the 720 KC had the adjustable delay wiper amplifier. All other 720 have fixed delay from '81 on. The Sport Truck option may include it on a non KC truck?

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This is a 79 box, 
since I am no good at reading schematics can someone confirm if I have Tr 1 & Tr 2 marked correctly in my picture
compared to the schematic?
I have downloaded programs into 12F629 8 pin chips and built more complex circuits than this. All from having a teacher on You Tube

 I have built & rebuilt this circuit several times in a breadboard, still it is not switching correctly.
When it is wire up and you give it power the relay & light kick on but never cycle correctly.
I have triple checked resistor codes, ALL 3 the cap values I am using are exact to original, I cut open a relay to make sure  it was wired the same way,
I have the test light in the correct place. I tested my box, it tested OK. I want to build a separate circuit to run a remote pot from and not molest this one.
I have been told where to put the pot. He has built one and it is working, but he is in Greece, I am in Jawja USA
I am pretty sure it is the transistors. I may have to get him to build one for me and ship it to me
I need an electronic genius



inter 000.jpg

inter box 007.jpg

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The schematic and the actual physical board probably won't match exactly. You would have to see where the transistors connect on the underside to be sure.


However I can say the the schematic TR1 is a PNP whereas the TR2 is a NPN transistor. Easily mixed up. 

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I know one is a PNP and the other is a NPN depending on the arrow but I can't  seen to find the correct replacements for them.
I can read most of the symbols, but I don't have 20 yrs experience with transistors . I was told the Pinout has changed?
I know what pinout is but this shit confuses the hell out of me sometimes.             
I learned how to read schematics in High School but that was over 40 yrs ago.
Data sheets say BC337 a NPN will replace C735 , but with it and the A733 I have, I get a light, but no cycle
When I try to cross reference I get all kinds of wacky shit. I don't want to buy a bunch of stuff that is not going to work.
I have built circuits with up to 30 components and they all worked. I actually downloaded the file into the 8 pin chip in this chaser light circuit

 This Datsun Box has only 11 components so it has to be the transistors........... In Need Of Electronics Engineer !!!!
Is there any GOOD sites I can go to to find the people that can help? I'm a plumber, a drain surgeon...... not a Technician.
What I do know how to build,  I learned most off You Tube 

Chaser (4).JPG

Chaser (1).JPG



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