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  1. Actually, after getting a chance to get it on the freeway, the Speedometer from the 79 was reading way low, compared to the stock 75 Speedo. 35 mph on speedo, 55 on GPS... Removed the Cluster, two screws to remove one speedo and put the old one back in, works 100% perfect now! And I'm 100%sure of it now... Since I was pressed for time, couldn't get a picture of the 2 wires, but they run to a Lever type Switch that is mounted inside the Speedometer, activated by the existing gears. The 79 Speedo did not have such a thing! Any idea what the hell that switch could be for? The switch appears to activate ground since one wire actually attaches to the physical body of the speedo. Ahh well, be back as soon as I can figure out how to attach pics again.
  2. UPDATE: My 75 appears to have the Regulator external to the gauges, and 4 separate wires, 2 to the regulator, then one from the regulator to the cluster ground. The other 2 wires I am not sure yet, haven't dug that deep into the old cluster. After swapping the Cluster from a 79 into the 75, direct drop in via the molex, minus the regulator wires and two other unknown wires, all is working perfect again. Now, it's time to rebuild the old cluster and make it nice once again... I'll get a picture up soon of the rear of my old cluster and the regulator.... Then try to figure out where those other two wires go inside the old cluster.
  3. I actually had an entire cluster from a 79, I just swapped them out. But thank you!
  4. I'll check that out too. Thanks!
  5. Ah! Thanks for pointing that out. Hopefully this other cluster I grabbed and LED'd will work until I can fix the other for a backup.
  6. I will have to dig around for it, but if memory serves me, an Alternator for an 80's Cadillac ElDorado has the same mounts (180 degrees from each other) and is 100 amp. Not sure the distance between the lower mounting tabs or body circumference though. AutoZone Image. If someone has one of these laying around that's handy, feel free to comment what you find out. It will take me a while to dig for the one I have, if I still have it.
  7. cobra269

    LED Headlights

    Excellent Pics! Love the cut off point on these. I still have mine and they still work like new, just like yours do.
  8. Anyone know where to locate the Regulator for the Temp/Fuel Gauge on a 75 620? My cluster is out and in the open, but not seeing anything like this on the inside, nor immediately on the outside.
  9. cobra269

    LED Headlights

    Side by Side, LED runs away with the cake... My before video got flagged and deleted by facebook because my music was playing in the background...
  10. cobra269

    LED Headlights

    If anyone has a way to post video directly to this forum without the use of third party sites, please feel free to let me know...
  11. cobra269

    LED Headlights

    Sort of a direct drop-in LED Headlight Swap! No harness changes, plugs right in... However, you will either need to grab some longer bolts for the headlight retainer rings, or trim the inside of the Headlight Buckets to fit these in, because the ass end of the headlight seats deeper... I opted for the Longer Bolts for now, until I can mod another set of spare buckets... No need to upgrade wiring harness for higher amperage headlights! Stock alternator does the job! Works with 510's, 620's and all other Datsun's with the 5.75" headlights... As the post states, my ampere ratings are off some, but you get the general idea... I bought all 4 for my 620... A bit pricey, but cheap compared to the Authentic Harley Davidson Day Maker Headlights... If you do a more robust search, you can find others similar with the Halo like BMW's in multiple colors. You will see examples form other users in my facebook post... These are called "Harley Davidson Day Maker Clones"... They can be found on Amazon (Links Below)... (Chrome) https://www.amazon.com/Bicyaco-Brightest-Headlight-Sportster-Projector/dp/B074PR34BK/ref=sr_1_3?s=automotive&ie=UTF8&qid=1525672534&sr=1-3&keywords=harley+daymaker (Black) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01CL3EVUI/ref=psdc_8323665011_t5_B01DZU30S0 Ignore the "pcs" portion in the description for the Black Ones, you get one headlight that has 9 LED's in it on high beam mode... 9 LED's is common for both black or chrome... I do not have any way to post media, so I will post a link to my post on facebook in a group I am in... Not trying to spam, just a simple link to the post for information... Video in post! https://www.facebook.com/groups/211327615572473/permalink/1643134129058474/
  12. Didn't need to. It worked as soon as powered up... For some reason when I replied to this a month ago, it didn't post and didn't notice. Sorry...
  13. Hopefully someone can get to it quick. Im not the owner, just a spotter... http://sacramento.craigslist.org/pts/4894752731.html
  14. Lately truck has been getting beat, but im trying not to let it get too bad... Hopefully soon I can get another truck for work so I can finish this project!!! Going to be pulling the cab and bed off this truck and dropping it all on a 79 KC frame. The 75 cab will undergo a mod to a king cab... When all is said and done, the only unknown issue I will have to deal with is driveline. The 79 chassis had an auto trans in it, and I will be using my 5 speed on this chassis. So I wondfer if I can use the same driveline from the 79? or do I have to get another one, or adapt it somehow...
  15. Sorry, been away for a while. Work been keeping me extremely busy.. I believe U-Haul can order a hitch for them. Almost $200 I was quoted.
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