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  1. Thanks guys. It took longer to think it up than to make it. New OEM Locking washers from Nissan came in today. Now looking for TIMKEN Bearings & Seals, Fixen up my Bessie's new rear end. I have had her since she was 8.
  2. I am 2nd or 3rd owner. I have had this for 34 yrs and suspect it has 4-500K on the bearings I am swapping frames due to a hole and converting a Longbed frame into a KC frame. Whoever owned the Cali donor frame must not have known about the threaded holes in the drum for removal. They bent the dogshit out of them
  3. Nice & clean. Time for new parts, OEM locking washers are on the way. Seals & bearings next on the list.
  4. 1 Hour, a 2" floor flange, 2" rigid black pipe, threaded on one end, washers, a die grinder, drill press and a puller. Tape shim to flange, mark pattern, remove shim, center punch and drill. It worked good on mine.
  5. Oh, that is the upside down lower......
  6. Yeah, previous ones used the ball joints upside down
  7. I hate to say it ...but if you scrap that 620 A/C unit.....you are really fucking up. People in Thailand & Hawaii will pay big bucks for that shit. I sold a complete unit for a guy and the buyer in Hawaii paid 1K for the setup. I wish I had never scrapped mine, and kept all of the smog parts I deleted, but that was 33 yrs ago.
  8. I am not planning on running a big audio amp. I am deaf enough at 59. There is also a need to keep the wire the same for resistance purposes. I just want more than a 35 amp ALT. If I was out west, I would just put a solar panel on top. Sunfoil project: You Tube
  9. I guess I need to know OEM size since I have to put new wire & pins in the connectors to rewire the rear cans
  10. Thanks The only upgrade I will be doing is maybe a 50-70 amp alternator. keeping her as OEM as possible
  11. I need to know what gauge wire is on the side marker lights & tail lights on a 620.......I have looked & looked on this site for an answer but have not found the size wire I need to rewire my 620 tail, marker & blinker lights . I just need a bit of help. I have 4 rear 620 light buckets to restore Thank'y Yalls.
  12. I had some KC dome lenses 3-D printed, but I am going with the other dome light when she goes back together. I have had my 79 since 87, she was only 8 yrs old..........
  13. These may be the lug nuts you need for those wheels. There also is an OEM replacement for the KC cab light. You will have to cut a notch in the original mount and with the harness clip you can plug it into your KC harness with no butchering. More light !
  14. Have you looked at the ball joint problems 4 runners have had? I recently ran across videos about them on You Tube.
  15. When I had my 69 Ghia, I made the mistake of putting poly transaxle mounts in. The next weekend I took them out, they transferred the engine vibration to the body and the noise was terrible. If you want to "feel the road", add all poly crap.
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