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  1. The exact reason I won't use it. It transfers too much vibration also. One guy asked me why I won't use it, I asked why did he insist that I did, he stfu ...LOL I used it once on a VW trans-axle mount and took it out less that a week later. It made the whole interior of the car vibrate and the noise was horrid. I do need to know if 720 & 78-79 shackle bushings are the same. Some places both numbers come up. If the shackles & springs are the same the bushing should be. I found some Japanese 720 bushings, the only 620 I can find are Chinese or Thai
  2. Does anyone know if 720 bushings will fit a 78-79 620? 78-79 part # is 55045-B0700 720 has a different number 55046-01w10 In lower right, # 5 is the bushing. Other pictures are the difference between up to Aug 77 & after Aug 77 76 is on left 79 is on right. The 79 looks like the 720. No one has any for 79 even though they advertise them as being a fit, they are all 55046-07200 They have larger holes and will not work for 78-79 I will not use poly. I prefer Japanese rubber instead of Chinese or Thai. Thank you http://static.carpartsmanual.com/datsun/pickup-1972-1979/large/620-117-01.jpg
  3. A 720 tank will fit 78-79 620, Standard or KC and the Longbed tank will work. You just have to cut off the nuts or drill them out in the front of the tank. Bolt pattern is the same. That is the 720 rear hanger, almost the same as 620
  4. Try Byron Forest on the 620 Owner's FB page The black tube is fiber optic to illuminate the switch. The switch can be rebuilt
  5. Goemon

    Fuel Pump?

    My 620 has always cranked w/ just a bump of the switch if you drive it everyday. If you do not do so it takes a bit, of course the fuel has gone back to the tank. I have not looked for them yet, but there should be gasoline check valves that can be placed in the system to stop drain back. One @ the tank should be enough, I suppose.........
  6. I got a 620 locking door and am trying to find the correct lock or part number This one Came from Greece
  7. A 720 tank & sending unit will work on 78-79 frames. The rear hanger bolt pattern is the same and the front pattern is the same
  8. You can get the pcs. at your local Home Depot or plumbing supply house. It may be better to bush it down to 1-1/2" pipe, I used 2" You still will need a 2" floor flange. Just a drill , die grinder, I used an axle shim to mark the bolt pattern onto the floor flange, centerpunch & drill slightly oversize. It cost me 26 bucks to make, @ 10 bucks an hour, you are adding another 20-30 bucks to the tool, then there is shipping, if I make them........Datsun guys are tightwads, I know, I am one....LOL This was the best idea I could come up with that would not damage anything in the process. Putting it in any kind of arbor or hydraulic press did not seem like it would be good for the backplates, although several people have said that is the way they did it, I stuck closer to how the manual sez. The reason I did it was because of the fucked up Cali backplates on the replacement frame were worse than my rust belt GA backplates. If anything, this could be a tool that gets sent from town to town once I am finished with it. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ When I am done, Pay shipping & 10 bucks and it's yours to sell to the next guy when you are through with it. I can always make another, as long as I don't go senile first....LOL Anyway, that way it will only cost 10 bucks + shipping to the next guy. The way I box stuff, the box will make several trips before having to be retired. I have gas pump computer boxes that have been from Cali & back 4-5 times I hope to be done with it in a few more weeks....I learned how to electroplate Nickle, so I am on that $16.00 investment on the rods, plating all kinds of shit kick right now............ The wrench was from my first vehicle with a tag, KZ 400, the only thing I have left from her. Not even pictures, Don't even know what year it was anymore.....76? I have some mean ass scars when I got hit by the car that terminated my bike, I was 17.
  9. Greaseable for her protection........
  10. KOYO JAPAN !!!!!!!! Real Shit. A 720 tank will fit 78-79 KC or Standard Cab.
  11. Thanks guys. It took longer to think it up than to make it. New OEM Locking washers from Nissan came in today. Now looking for TIMKEN Bearings & Seals, Fixen up my Bessie's new rear end. I have had her since she was 8.
  12. I am 2nd or 3rd owner. I have had this for 34 yrs and suspect it has 4-500K on the bearings I am swapping frames due to a hole and converting a Longbed frame into a KC frame. Whoever owned the Cali donor frame must not have known about the threaded holes in the drum for removal. They bent the dogshit out of them
  13. Nice & clean. Time for new parts, OEM locking washers are on the way. Seals & bearings next on the list.
  14. 1 Hour, a 2" floor flange, 2" rigid black pipe, threaded on one end, washers, a die grinder, drill press and a puller. Tape shim to flange, mark pattern, remove shim, center punch and drill. It worked good on mine.
  15. Oh, that is the upside down lower......
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