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Intake Polishing?


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Is it on the motor??? ...... is the motor in the Datsun???



Do you want to smooth out all the casting marks??? ............ .. Are you wearing saftey glasses???

Its not on the motor.... Its not in the datsun..... and I dont want to smooth the casting marks..... :lol:

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Hit it with some strong degreaser and scotch bright, or do the bead blasting that should clean it up nicely. That mani would look good just cleaned real well, it doesnt have the nasty edges and stuff that the stock L series have. Though I am interested to see how those things look after polish compound + steelwool.

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Hi heat clear? Quality paint product? I've wondered how this would hold up. :huh:






if you have the stuff media blasted, have a powder clear shot over it.


I wish I had photos of the motor cycle frame we did. sanded the whole frame down and then shot clear powder on it. I'll have to look for them.

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