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Post your Unique parts and pieces for Datsuns

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HA! WTF is that? :) I have no idea. Nissan make a VCR at some point? I feel left out, I don't have any cool Datsun bits! Waaaa! I have a semi-cool Nissan bit though. That was quite a while back.



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Omfg you have no idea how hard i lold at that.



Ive had that plaque for like 10 years, never seen another one. Think its from the tv's they had playing the commercials in the dealerships? But awsome...just awsome.


The small print at the bottom says A nissan moters corporation.

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Never seen those before. Are you sure they are originally made for the 510?

Hi David (qwik510),I was told by the person that I bought these from that they were a Japanese item only and were an option like the Blue Bird in trunk tail light protectors that protect the light sockets from damage from something rolling around in the trunk (from some fast twisty cornering),Just going by what I was told,I will get some pics of the whole assembly for ya.

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