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1973 pl620


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Buddy of mine called me and asked if I wanted a Datsun pickup. I said sure...


Here's the pic's :cool:
















The worst of the rust. The floors seem pretty solid, someone sprayed undercoat on it at some point.




I have an extra tank. I'm sure this one is prolly rusty and/or full of water :(




Not sure what I should do with it...I should have enough parts to put it back together.


The roof is pretty banged up and someone punched a hole in it at some point. It will need fenders, hood, apron and a bunch of small stuff and a lot of cleanup. The tranny might be a 5-speed but it's to sloppy to tell and the motor doesn't have a tight bolt on it :blink:

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If you part it out I think that pharouh is looking for a set of those fender emblems, I could be wrong but I think it is him looking for them.....

Thanks Slam! Yes I am looking for a pair of those.

Just wondering 2eDeYe, Did your friend sell you this truck or give it to you?

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I vote for put it back together or sell it complete to someone who will. It looks to be a much better project start then alot of you guys in the northwest have access to most of the time. Solid floors and no rust holes in the rockers. Unless there is a reason you aren't showing us the left side of the truck :)

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