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uncalled for?

refund or no refund  

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  1. 1. refund or no refund

    • refund his money and he keep the mirror
    • refund his money and he ship it back to me
    • refund nothing

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my wife wife made a thread here on Ratsun called http://forum.ratsun.net/showthread.php?t=16909 and posted pictures of our parts truck and a few members sent her private messages about wanting parts and she never said anything about parts for sale or offered any parts for sale. she was trying to be helpfull and answer questions and gather up the parts people requested and asking me if i would sell them so after many days and many trips back in fourth the 20 some odd miles from our house to were our parts truck is located she tried to help everyone out and answer their questions well out of all thet she sold the drivers side mirror to 420n620 for $5 plus the $8 shipping charges with insurance upon his request that doesnt even cover the fuel she drove out running from home to the rust bucket and back and to the post office then when he recieives the mirror he is very upset because its not brand new or showroom condition and sends her some very nasty messages that are uncalled for


this is what he sent my wife and makes him sound like a real dick





Originally Posted by 420n620


I think your just looking for an excuse, well that is a stupid one.

So your profession is a CNA I, HAB TECH, MED TECH. did you get that out of a cracker box oh wait, you went to Cracker Jack Box College. I suppose over there in Mayberry RFD thats the highest education you can get, now I understand what RFD stands for Real Fucking Dumb.

it is aparent you 2 are not going to make it right so keep the money and use it in a better place like get sum mure edumacating maybe from Get A Clue University for Female Dogs. Like I said in my first PM, A ratsun feedback will be giving so remember don't dig your own hole. OPPS, you must need sum edumacation to know what that means. Good luck in life because your turn is coming.

did you hear the joke about the 2 tampons, what did they say to each other, nothing, their both stuck up cunts.....



i find this very uncalled for:fu:

she never said anything about parts for sale or wanting to sell any parts

she replied in that thread for anyone wanting parts to contact me and i only got contacted by one person

you (420n620) are the one who wanted the mirror and cant complain about rust you seen how rusty the truck it came off of was/is

the money that went into my paypal account from this transaction was sent to Jeff aka icehouse to help pay his brothers medical bills


is talking to my wife like that tolerable? i dont think that it is and i dont think that anyone on Ratsun would like someone to talk to there spouse like that


i would like to hear everyones opinion on this subject


i do not know what has been discussed between the two of them as i have not read the private messages they have sent each other but my wife called me on the phone very upset when she logged in and read her private messages today and i asked her to forward me what upset her so bad

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what your telling me is that the shipping with insurance was a total of $13 and we wanted $5 for the mirror so that would have been $18 total? well i dont know what he is crying about because he got the mirror for free and just paid the shipping. he only deposited $13 in my paypal account. am i understanding this right?

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datsunstein'swife, click on the 'private messages' upper right page, look over on the left hand side and find 'Your Control Panel', go down three to 'Edit Ignore List' and click on it, fill in 420n620, push 'Okay'. Now go have a beer.

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Originally Posted by datsunstein'swife View Post

i've tried to be peaceful and talk to him to work something out. this has been going on for 2 days now.



well if youve tried to work something out, and he keeps bieng a dick, then the problem is probably not you......




talking down to someone and calling them names and insulting them and their intelligence like that is not considered trying to work anything out. he even insulted me and i had nothing to do with it. hell he cant whine and cry we gave him the mirror he just had to pay for the shipping we didnt make any money hell we lost money buying fuel to go harvest the part and making multiple trips to the post office.


he never asked for pictures he seen the mirror hanging off the door in the picture of our parts truck and wanted my wife thought it was is pretty decent shape beings it had the glass and wasnt broken. personally i have never seen it other than the pictures that he seen of it hanging off the door

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I have dealt with 420n620 many a time the guy is a stand person flaming out like this is bullshit and childish. ever since you and your wife had your little spat i really don't give a fuck what you think about the people here on Ratsun. come on who airs the troubles? just some piece of shit trying to make him self feel better. this whole lets bash on some one thread is wrong and you and your wife should be banned, fuck off:eek::fu:

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