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Hello, im new to the site. I have come here to meet some more people that are into these types of trucks. Although my truck really doesn't have much of a support group. I was referred to this site from a friend, RadioRedline. I am hoping to just talk to some more people that might be able to help with some problems i might have, as well as i will try to lend a hand to anyone else. I own and am restoring a 1973 toyota hilux. Anyways I just wanted to introduce myself and say hello.

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sweet i love the old toyotas. i tried finding an old hilux before i got my datsun, all i got was an 81 still had the round headlights and the out of this world 22r engine, thos things go forever, but i couldnt find the older hilux with the dual headlights, came across a datsun and well now im here

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Yeah..welcome aboard man! I love all sorts of old stuff..imported stuff and American! I loved all of my LandCruisers..all the way back to a 1958 FJ25...loved em!:)


I must say though..at this point I think that Toyota built a few better looking cars but Datsun built better looking trucks...just my opinion.:D


I really want an old Corona...1968-1969...yeah...way cool!:cool:

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I have loved those toyotas ever since I saw one slammed on some drag style spun aluminum cragars (skinny front/ wide back) at a street meet as a kid.


Whats the plan for yours?



Hey Shonuff, Ive seen you rollin a few times. Last was a couple weeks ago. A group of car fanatic buddies and I were were shootin shit outside Zeeks pizza and you went by on Denny. We were all feelin your mustang rims.

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Welcome! I have the best of both worlds- a Datsun and a Toyota. I really like your generation of truck but when I found a '71 I couldn't pass it up. I have been on toyotaminis.com and there is a lot info on there but I tend to spend most of my time on ratsun:D I look forward to your progress and I'll start updating my build thread soon.





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I must say though..at this point I think that Toyota built a few better looking cars but Datsun built better looking trucks...just my opinion.:D

I was trying to think of a polite way to say the same thing. I'm more of a Toyota person, but the 620 is... dangit, I forgot the adjective I was looking for, but you know.

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Yeah, 620s are good looking trucks but there's something about a Hilux, and besides you don't see them as much making them interesting:)


Well, On the East coast, you don't see many Hilux OR 620s :P


I've never seen a 620 on the road except the one I bought a month or two ago.

And the only Hilux I've seen in the past 5 years was in a junk yard.

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