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  1. Capital15

    210's UNITE!!!!!!!!!

    Great start Drifter....keep us posted on your progress.
  2. Capital15

    Radio Flyer

    Wow....that's cool.
  3. Capital15

    210's UNITE!!!!!!!!!

    Awesome pics fellas!! Keep them coming!
  4. Capital15

    My wheels....bored with them

    Paint them. Look better IMO.
  5. Capital15

    210's UNITE!!!!!!!!!

    Awesome 210's pumpkn210!! Unique and so cool!!
  6. Capital15

    Pics from the 70s

    Awesome pics!! A trip back to the 70's alright...thanks for sharing the pics and sorry for your loss.
  7. Capital15

    210's UNITE!!!!!!!!!

    Sweet pics guys! Let's keep 'em coming!
  8. Capital15

    210's UNITE!!!!!!!!!

    I remember the build thread on wiggly...love that car.
  9. Capital15

    210's UNITE!!!!!!!!!

    Yikes! What happened there on the last pic? Loose wheel?
  10. Capital15

    210's UNITE!!!!!!!!!

    I'm glad we are exited about this thread!! Let's keep the Pics going...gotta take some of my own to post up. In the meantime...there has to be more members here with 210's...let's see them!
  11. Capital15

    210's UNITE!!!!!!!!!

    So there's a 610 and 710 Unite thread...why not a 210 UNITE one?!!! Let's share our 210's 120y's B210's B310's!!!
  12. Capital15

    12A ROTARY in the Datto

    Nice to see someone in the Eastcoast with another 12a in their 210. I have a 12a in my 79 210...running pretty good with a Holley carb...got a little bit of running rich problem causing it to stall. Probably going to have to rebuild the carb and maybe replace the fuel pressure regulator as it it looks like it has stopped working. I have the tranny of a 85 RX with the rear end of a 80 210. Keep us posted on your progress.
  13. Capital15

    Norco High Scholl Car Show

    No pics to show?
  14. Capital15

    New to Datsun, but not minis

    I see you have skills with the camera. Good pics.
  15. Capital15

    New to Datsun, but not minis

    Welcome. Nice pics...I like the garage one the best.

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