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Stupid toys and projects

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like the title says lets see pics of your stupid toys that make people walk by and shake there head at you

HERE IS A LINK TO 10 PAGES FULL OF MY OLD AND CURRENT TOYS http://viewmorepics.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewPicture&friendID=400909573&albumId=1075281&page=1


my 1950s golfcart with a 650cc honda streetbike engine in it the floor was 3 feet off the ground



1960s pedal car i got all stock and beatup and made it into this



another pedal ( BEFORE )





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My Holey Shoes/Crocks retreads. Did not expect this to really work but wear them rain or shine every day. Glued them together last July and still going strong. The original tread would be worn off by now. BTW the steel belts wouldn't pass the airport metal detectors. :mad: :o







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i need to dig around and find pics of my goped but here is one of my toys

first generation traxxas t-max upgraded to a 2.5r high tourqe steering servo hardened steel spur gear carbon fiber brake disk yellow frequency chip better air filter and billet wheely bar (nessisary:rolleyes:) im making a cold air intake set up like i had for the original motor but i cant use it with this one due to a bigger carb :D





mustang "thrasher" body



57 chevy body to match my truck


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Ok here it goes.


My 11hp (its a 6.5hp Harbor Freight Honda clone engine modified running pump gas) 52.1 mph clocked with TomTom 720 GPS



My 250 thats seen better days but still fun as hell when I get to play with it.



Civics I have owned TOYS for sure


91 civic (before paint)



After paint and turbo'd


one I bought so I could buy my turbo kit. $400 into $1700 in a week not bad...



My first Civic 89 Si HB but.....



some old fart not watching came across the road and I tried to dodge him and got creamed on the side.



the 321,673 mile civic that was 100% stock never had any engine work or tranny work done. And the a/c worked. Sold it for $900 and the guy blew it up in a week.



Pocket Bikes currently have 7 cags, 1 110cc 4 speed x-19 or something like that. (me and one of my sons)





2 venom go peds



91 300zxtt



My 65 Corvette (still sitting)



My 84 Fj1100 (first crotch rocket ever made..Yes the CBR was the second mid year in 84. Called sports bike back then)



I have tons of other sheet also.


about 5 R/C airplanes (3 electric, 2 Nitro), 3 R/C Nitro trucks (RC10GT, RC10MGT, Revo 3.3), 2 Nitro boats, 1 homemade Nitro swamp buggy.


Ok enough of my stuff. Crap I need to start getting rid of some things. To many things and too much time means you don't play with anything.

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a while back i bought a model of my celica





then i noticed it was about the same size as my 1st gen xmods




i built a chassis extension, then broke the piss out of it in 2 min playing. so now its back to the drawing board. looking for free thicker plastic, or a milk crate with just the right casting.



also got a 5 speed go cart motor with some crap around it, its so far beyond the back burner its not even on the stove yet.:D


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