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  1. For sure I will should be a couple months till I get everything in for the Vette (darn custom parts), I have to try and convince my son that a goon or something would be a cool car to have. I will also be getting my 91 300zx tt running again in the next couple weeks so always a project to be had.
  2. $5k asking price. Had a lot of interest, lots of lookers, about 8 cash offers, from $2500 (haha) to $4600 2 days ago, this guy wanted it and knew there was other offers pending. He came a good distance to see it and did not haggle. I had Chevy guys, Import guys, and rat rod guys look at it. Seems it was the Chevy guys that wanted it the most. I think I put 150 miles on her giving people rides along the way. Way worth the wait for me (3 weeks not bad though). Sad the truck is gone but it went to a pretty cool guy and he will take care of her. In fact I got a call this morning from one of the guys Tuesday with a $4900 offer, that had offered the $4600, had to tell him it was sold.
  3. Well Boys and Girls she sold lastnight. The new owner should be signing in on this site so be nice to him. Will see what I come up with in the future, my son is turning 16 soon and maybe, just maybe we can find a nice goon. I might be back, until then enjoy your Datsuns to the fuillest. Peace!!
  4. For Sure but dont put to much in the back it will wheelie if it gets trackton. lol
  5. Well my Truck is not really Daily Driver material either, lol. No ac no heat (unless you call the heat from the exhaust coming up through the floorbaords heat) It's really is just a drive to the local car shows kind of thing (usually Chubby's First and Gettysburg) on Friday and Sat nights. Also fun once in a while to play with the ricers in their Honda's.
  6. Come buy mine and you will not have to worry about smog. LOL Honesly talk to the guy down at the Ref station they have all the books and can tell you the proper numbers that should be on the cat you are looking for. That is the place I would start. Once you have the numbers you can then call around and find somebody that has a matching number cat and have them install it. I doubt you are going to find any shops that will be able to look up the new style cat you will need. Unless you can find somebody with a good used one.
  7. 72 327

    new to me 620

    Thats what I meant on the other thread PIC of the Giggles
  8. Craigslist ad http://fresno.craigslist.org/cto/3846781993.html
  9. Finally got a video done, make sure you increase the Quality to 1080
  10. Did mine the same way but left mine the shinny aluminum (plus some buffing) Had to go all the way down on mine since some ding dong cut speaker holes out of the doors. But Love the look and very easy to do...
  11. Couple more pics sorry for being a whore want it documented before I no longer have it. Missspoke before it has 5768 miles on it since its conception. At 80 miles at the tripometer its time for fuel NOW.. LOL I love the door panels simple and the handles are great from a member here a couple years ago.
  12. The headers are a PAIN to take off even in the 2 pieces they are in. Try getting to the starter if the engine is in the truck, did that this weekend WHAT A BIG OL pain. But the header has to come out if the starter has to be removed. Yes the trans tunnel is sheet metal in this truck not to bad though. I will let you know on the SST's. I will have to see if it sells in the next couple weeks before i start parting it out. Am selling this to fund my other project 65 Covette rebuild, wife says to many cars, currently 6 here. LOL
  13. Thanks guys for the imput. Going to do a couple videos of it rolling, in different postions, with my GoPro Hero3 BE to go with my Craigslist ad. I think I may go $5k then go down if cash is present. I will be taking it to the local car shows, there is one every weekend here. This one also has Hooker headers and what a lot of people dont know is that this was a kit you could buy in pieces or as a complete package from Hooker. It included firewall, headers, engine mounts, trans mount and a few other things. There is a tread around that even has part numbers to all of the pieces, although no longer avalible was only made in the 80's. Its all the work that is very time consuming. Again thats for the input guys. Will be hanging out for a while checking out everything I have missed for the last 2 years. I am sure its a bunch.
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