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Anyone recognize this sweetie?


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After consulting my bodyman (brother) on the upcoming wagon project, we came to the conclusion that a straighter and more rust free car would be in order. So I saw this in the holding pen at the auction a couple weeks ago and assumed that it was missing the engine (less work for me and lower initial price). Went out yesterday and got to look a bit closer. it actually DID have an L20b in it (yes, in the front).


Does anyone recognize it? I'm just curious about the history.



Don't be jealous.

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Dude nice score! What's a goon sell for at an auction? Was there much competition?

There was more competition than I had hoped so I probably paid more than it was worth -- certainly more than I had hoped. With the exception of the driver's fender and the lower valance, it really has a decent body and almost no rust. It will be a much better base than the other one I have.

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yea it was a Old ladys who wanted like 2500 for it 2 years ago in longview. now as the story goes, the whole motor and drivetrain has been replaced, so from the rad to the rear diff is done. No work was done to the body(obiously) beacuse someone died or sumthin. I was going to pic it up but i lack the 2500 so it sat for like a year them some middle aged gal bought it and thats the last i saw of it but, the little old lady told me it was sold to a Oregonion.


Now the really cool part!!! is that it was all done buy some premire Datsun builder in Portland, Who i can rember i could of swore it was rebello or what ever his name is before they moved to cali. So thats the story.


if its the same 510

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So after having a cup of coffee and a smoke i remembered that that goon gas been to my house :eek::lol: the husband came bye to ask a few questions

seeing that i own the only 510 with in a 50 mile radius :lol: maybe more

i gave him a book on Datsun's. their was some thing kind of wrong nothing major. then they moved to Oregon for work. I know where the mom lives if your trin to get paper work maybe I can help

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Huh. Vectors don't look half bad on a wagon.


Gangsta stance seems to be a Wagon thing... mine squats just like that. Seems the rear leaves weaken out faster than the front coils. Probably gonna put air shocks on mine or something to get the tail end back where it's supposed to be.


I've seen that wagon before, or at least that rear hatch. But I seem to remember that faded, primer-coming-through red hatch on a goldenrod Wagon. Or maybe I'm just confusing all the faded-red 510s I've seen.


What's wrong with it, mechanically?

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If they went throught that wgn, maybe they put new gas struts up front and that's pushing it up a bit ???? maybe?



....oops....just looked at the pic again....that's way too high in the front to be struts!!! The back is def lower than stock!

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