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What do you think this car is worth?


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So i would probably have to replace both front fenders, rear fenders, rear end, trunk lid, hood, lots of bodywork, probably need to strengthen the body, does somebody make replacement fenders, front and back for these cars? link plz? So maybe $300 might be worth it

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i got a real good 4 door almost running for 400. you would be a retard to buy that scrap heep. mine is a 68 as well. its only worth its weight in scrap. an there is no lmc book for these cars. they dont make replacement panel you got to cut them out of another car.

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here in australia that would be a gem in the ruff

68 model very hard to find here they sell rolling shells here from $1500 aussie dollars thats about $1000 us dollars give or take and thats a bare shell !!

i live in the wrong country nothing left here in oz unless u want to pay rip off prices :(


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I would pay about $100 for that car, only if the windshield was in good condition since they're annoying to find easily. That's still too much. There are always people trying to rip off others because they think they have a "rare" car and hence it must be worth something.


There's a dipshit in Spokane who's been trying to sell a rolling chassis 510 for the longest time on craigslist, and he keeps wanting upwards of $750. The thing has no chrome left, looks about as bad, dented to shit all over.


You need to check out the countryside, find a 510 that's been sitting in a field, but not on the coast due to the salt content. Or find one that someone else got and doesn't know how to fix.


I got my running 510 with bent RR control arm from a buddy of mine who decided to fix his 240 instead. $400, and it ran with the original motor for a year before I blew the head gasket and built the race motor.


Oh yeah, the 69 2 door I cut up (rusted way worse than that picture) netted me $19 and change. ;) All 1500 pounds of it.

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