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NEEDED: Datsun 521 headlight switch Pretty Please!

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Hello Ratsun,


My 521 headlight switch (6 pin) has gone bad so I cleaned it up, tested it, fixed it temporarily but the internals are just done. I need another one real bad so I can continue to participate in the local weekly cruise nights 😍 Headlights went out on me while driving after dark last night & scared the b'Jesus outta me. I still have the knob in decent shape so if all you have is the switch itself that'd work.


Thanks for any & all help.

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Most 521 headlight switches have only four pins, two for the headlights, and two for park, tail, side marker, and instrument lights.  There was a fog light option for 521 trucks, that used a six pin switch.  

About a third of the way down this page is a headlight switch, with six pins.



I have wired an additional relay into my 521 trucks that is triggered by the red with a yellow stripe wire, that get fused power directly from the battery.   This added relay bypasses all the cab wiring, and puts higher voltage to the headlights.

You can put the added relay by the original headlight relay, and if for some reason, the headlight switch quits working, applying power directly to the contact on the original headlight relay that has the red with a yellow stripe wire will make the head lights come on.

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I agree with Draker, real simple to fix. Before you put it back together,  put some die-electric grease on the contacts. Be good for another 50 years. BUT if you need 1, got you covered. Send me a PM.  

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I bought the NOS Thailand headlight switch, with more wires than USA spec (sorry don't have it right here) , which has the optional fog light position (twist the knob/shaft), my tech opened it up, studied it & decided it could not be retrofitted to a USA spec truck WITHOUT the OEM optional fog lamp wiring in place. 


Angela, does your existing 6 wire switch have the "twist" function for the fog lamps?



Denver CO



No twist function.

I ended up finding an NOS headlight switch I just couldn't figure out how to delete the want ad.

My bro is having this issue in his 521 so thank you to everyone who asked q's & gave input. Very helpful.


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Ouch!  DanielC, have you successfully wired a USA spec 521 to use the JDM switch.  If so, please elaborate.  We wire up all sorts of cars here at our shop.............not sure why you would poke like that! 😝

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