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  1. Time Left: 13 days and 8 hours

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    I need a shifter for my 210. Or can I cobble something from 280z or other models?


  2. 81sunnyson

    210 5 speed shifter

    I'm in need of a good shifter for 5 speed 210. Desperate enough to try a 77 280z off eBay but likely won't work
  3. Time Left: 12 days and 18 hours

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    Looking for a front sump oil pan for 1980 2 door sedan. Have a middle sump style no use to me in this chassis but if you need one willing to trade. Dallas Texas


  4. 81sunnyson

    a15 matchbox distributor...ball bearing inside

    p zekert mentioned the cap or advance piece idk
  5. i pulled capon my distributor and noticed a ball bearing on top of reluctor if something broke,what part of the distributor has a bearing? shaft?
  6. 81sunnyson

    wtf...oil blows out breather a14

    well got another issue 74 a14 with air tube cylinder head something let go on hwy smoke oil spewing out breather lifters? cam lobe ruined? rings? only under load does it spew
  7. ok in vain trying to fix fuel issue switch to spare carb from junkyard from motor they said ran before i checked lash i pulled valve cover and it was just gas in the head i soaked up as much as i could...free motor flush cam and rocker were dry, some scratches on lobes i ran it for a second with valve cover off to see if gas was shooting out fuel pump but oil came up so fast and sprayed everywhere im used to ohv datsuns where i can lash with no valve cover cuz oil takes a second to flow out rockers oil pressure was up immediately as opposed to before oil pressure only after revving...low idle oil pressure with other carb which concerned me. some people saying lifters. i was worried oil pump bad, but guess so diluted i can let idle long time, no dilution...also had harness and emission computer unplugged...idk if that affects floats/ vacuum etc but if i rev over 3000, something in carb is wrong before too much gas now too little drove down hill and revved to 4000 rpm gas didnt dilute right away but only drove down street 5 min. usually after 20 mins it acts up with original carb. started easy and pulled hard but it stalled out by time i hit 5th gear. popped hood. float glass empty so i primed carb with a lil gas from filter got home and quit for the day at this point i want to remove all emission parts n computer, go aftermarket carb to rule out that part of system so i can focus on mechanical pump or gas tank
  8. i have seen a few threads on basic fuel injection conversion like the guy who used the hyundai accent throttle body/injector, cam sensor i wonder if a cam synchronizer like something off a grand cherokee 4.0 would possibly work with modification.... then have to sort out coils, ecu
  9. 81sunnyson

    j15 build

    to make carb fit i had to run two separate trans dapt car adapters...like 2107 and 23 something so manifold has like a four inch spacer in between it and carb noticeable difference over stock hitachi and makes cool whoosh when i shift but that may be due to using dremel to smooth runners on intake lol
  10. 81sunnyson

    dogleg clutch issue

    lessons learned....in a bind tho had to drop trans with a fever n food posioning too yeah i didnt have a complete hub/bearing assembly...dam rock auto i didnt want to attempt to press new bearing on hub and damage somehow cuz im good at that i put old pressure plate with a broken tooth back on same new disk/ old bearing combo cleaned up old flywheel a little more
  11. 81sunnyson

    j15 build

    garland now
  12. 81sunnyson

    j15 build

    im running j15 style forklift carb on my 81 a15 that had bad rings....was awesome despite oil burning/overheating....go cross town and back 40 plus mile on 1.3 gallons or so rev to 3500/4000 on hwy and if i put my foot just right on the peddle it would just keep accelerating even though the tach would sit still id be floating past people... here our speed limit is 65 and id be passing people ....overtaking people easily doing over 75 and it would just sit at 4000 had a big accel coil on it/autolite 64s...whatever stock 81 h95 cam is better radiator and i probably could hit 90 lol
  13. i would drive ten miles a day then oil change ever week for the dilution at the time datsun was down so only option
  14. huge wasp nest under head light...they like fumes i guess well i got the car to the shop and it would only run on brake fluid and a jump start box, so a mechanic suggested blowing air into gas tank to clear lines i guess ran under its own power/ fuel source should have drained tank instead of trying top burn bad gas out guess i hurt the motor compression is pretty even on all four ....150 psi or around 11.5 to 12 kg/cms plugs arent oily havent checked timing cuz distributor bolt stripped but pulled timing cover...belt ok, cam n gear dots aligned revvs hard like two a15s combined and doesnt miss until 4000rpm on hwy/ dilution sounds like its boosted at that point....vroom, bpp,bpp,bpp,bpp,bpp then dies sit on shoulder for 30 minutes til it turns over then limp home with intermittent stalling

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